Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Kids Totally Rock (Climb)!

The other day we went with WG and her class on a field trip. We thought it was rope climbing, but it was actually something much more fun! The older kids (1st graders) went on a zip line, while the kindergarteners (including WG) went flying. They wore harnesses which were attached to a rope, which was then pulled by a group of folks (including Hubby) until they flew high up into the air. WG was scared at first, but as soon as her feet left the ground she had THE BIGGEST smile on her face!!!!! It was SO CUTE!!!!! Everyone there gave a collective "Awwwwww!" I got a picture of it on my phone, I just need to figure out how to post it here.
I've probably mentioned that she had physical therapy a few years ago because she had trouble with basic skills like climbing stairs or even moving from one surface to another (like cement to grass). Well, now she's running full-tilt, climbing, going up stairs with alternating legs, throwing and catching a ball, and playing like any other kid. The other day I found her sitting on the counter happily munching nutter butters that she got herself. (I was of two minds on that one: yay for all the successful motor planning, not so much on the stuffing-her-face-with-cookies part.)
She has come SO FAR in tha past couple of years! I'm so amazed at both of our kids!
Hubby and I were just talking about our son (LG) and how far he, too, has come. He was just the opposite of WG. He practically came out of the womb running. He was a wild man! To the point where we were hugely concerned with his safety, as he would (like many little boys) run off whenever possible. Into the street, a parking lot, out of the house. There was the one time he took off and went INTO THE POOL which, for some reason, wasn't locked. (There's a gate around it, and all the residents have a key.) Luckily he knows how to swim, and he was sitting on the stairs when Hubby found him. But it took about 20 years off of our lives.
These days he'll still, once in a while, try to sneak out, but he stays on the deck. And usually he does it when one of us is already out there, so we can keep and eye on him. And he doesn't run off anymore. The other day I was running errands with the kids, and didn't have to hold his hand. He stayed with us! A couple of years ago that would have been inconceivable!
Now he has his own version of rock climbing, which consists of climbing on the back of the couch, traversing over to the TV stand, climbing on top of THAT, and jumping to the floor.
He used to take off his pants (and pull-ups) and climb up the outside of the banister. He'd get to the top, yell "Wock Cwimb!" and jump to the bottom.
Naked rock climbing. It's the new black.
He also did naked rollerskating in the bathtub. And naked tap dancing in the foyer.
Nowadays he keeps (most of) his clothes on.
And he's MUCH calmer. THANK GOD!!!!!
I'm one proud Mommy!
And now, on a completely different topic, I have an embarassing confession. Yesterday I started teaching a new Intro Pilates class for staff at the JCC. They're a great group of folks, and I think the class went very well.
Except for one thing.
I lay down on the reformer and raised my knees to do the Hundred. Then I coughed.
And, um, made an emission.
I farted.
In class.
Way to make a first impression, eh?
I am so HUGELY humiliated!!!!!!
But it's also REALLY FUNNY!!!!
I said "Pardon me" between more coughing, and continued the class.
I just hope they show up next week.


Charlotte said...

Hey - better to fart then to do some other kind of "emission" (which certain yoga poses are almost guaranteed to bring out in me)!

And I'm so glad your kids are doing so well!! Yayaya! They sound adorable! PS> You are welcome at my house for dinner ANYTIME.

azusmom said...

Well, I think my kids are adorable, but I'm a bit biased. But everyone else who meets them days they are, so it must be true, lol!

Crabby McSlacker said...

That is so cool about how far your daughter is coming with the motor skills. And good for your son for keeping his clothes on! They both do sound very adorable.

neversaydiet said...

Hi girlfriend,
I'm hoping you can help me out with a Mother's Day blog for iVillage. It shouldn't take too long-- I'd love it if you could jot down a memory, anecdote, or lesson that either your mother taught you or you are hoping to teach to your daughter, related to diet, body image, food, etc. I'm thinking between 400 and 500 words. I'd put it on NeverSayDiet and link back to you. I would need this by Wednesday. If you're too busy I understand; if you're into it, let me have it!