Monday, July 29, 2013

The Only Constant...

Today we begin the new potty training regime for WG.
OK, HUBBY begins the new regime.
Hey, he VOLUNTEERED!  I'm not gonna say no!

Poor LG caught WG's cold over the weekend.  He's feeling better, but had a hard time getting to sleep because of his cough.  He was up until midnight, so Mom & Dad were up until midnight.  But our fierce, mean, killer pit bull lay down next to him, head on the bed, and stayed there all night.
<3 nbsp="" p=""> Last week we met with LG's care worker at the regional Center.  We meet with her every year for an annual review for both kids, but this was specifically for LG.  The time has come for us to have him assessed for ADD.  He's always been VERY energetic, but he has great difficulty focusing.  The good news is that there are a ton of interventions we can try, with medication being the absolute last resort.
It's a good time for it.  Adolescence, of course, brings in a whole new set of challenges for any kid, but even more so for kids with autism.  In some ways I'm sure it'll feel like we're starting from scratch.

I've started taking a beginning flow yoga class on Sundays, to go along with the Thursday class. Which is called "Slow Flow."  But I call it "OMGholyhellpleasefortheloveofallthingsgoodanddecentonthisearthhelpme!"
And once school starts I can get to my weekday morning classes again.
I must say that the Sunday class is a nice way to recharge my batteries.  I get time out of the house, Hubby stays with the kids, and I can realign body, mind and spirit.

Finally, in the News-From-Abroad/I-Have-No-Life category, filming on the 3rd episode of the 3rd season of "Sherlock" began today, with an amazing nemesis (played by Lars Mikkelson). It's gonna be epic!!!!!!

OK.  Gotta go work out.


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream...

Full disclosure: I had another post written and ready to go, but it was so negative and whiny I deleted it.  Seriously, I re-read it and it annoyed me, so I can't even imagine how you guys would feel!  But I also realized that the reason i was feeling so cranky was LACK OF SLEEP.

It turns out that all that stuff they tell us about getting enough sleep, all those negative effects of lack of sleep, and the positive stuff that comes from getting 8 hours of shut-eye/night (or however much one needs, it's different for everyone) is, well, ALL TRUE!
Who knew?
I mean, besides the researchers, research subjects, scientists, doctors, nurses, parents, teachers, adults, and anyone who's ever had insomnia.
Including me.
So you'd think I'd know better!

But the past year has been particularly fraught with anxiety, adjustments to the new living arrangement, the loss of our precious Luna pup, and work issues for both Hubby and myself. And let's not forget the entrance to pre-puberty of both kids!  Aaaaaaaauuuughghgh!!!!!!!!!  Add it all up, and sleep has been a pretty precious commodity.

It came to a head on Monday: WG had to stay home from school, and I was so tired I could hardly move. Looking after both kids in that condition was making me crazy (and whiney, hence the deleted post).  I couldn't take the kids to the pool because she was under the weather.  We had to stay close to home, and LG was suffering from cabin fever. I ended up going to bed at 9:30 and sleeping until 6:30 the next morning. After 9 hours of sleep, I felt like a new woman!  I had energy!  I was in a GREAT mood!  WG went back to school, and LG & I had some quality bonding time (swimming, going out to lunch, grocery shopping together).  Later WG & I had a tickle party, and I even got my barre workout in.  I went to bed at 10:00, and woke up naturally (without my alarm) at 5:30.  Which is easy to do in the summer, when it's starting to get light at that time and it's not freezing, lol!

And it finally hit me that a lot of my issues might be solved if I got more sleep. The crankiness, haggard appearance, even some of the extra weight, will probably go away if I'm rested.


So, my new goal: try to be IN bed by 9:30, and get to sleep ASAP afterwards.
Even if the book I happen to be reading at the time is REALLY good...

OK, on a COMPLETELY different topic, I'm watching a story on the BBC about the possibility of sending a 3-person crew to mars, and it might actually be feasible!
Y'know, for all my complaints about the direction humanity is taking, we actually live in pretty exciting times.

OK.  Gotta go prepare for the potty training dude.  Wish us luck!  :)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Top Gears

It turns out our LG might just have some engineering skills!
At our 2 visits to Curiodyssey he spent most of his time playing with the gears exhibit.  Kids are able to arrange gears on a big magnetic board any way they like, then turn the gears and try to ring a bell.  It gave us a great idea for his birthday gift, and he is now the proud (and busy) owner of a 150-piece gear set.

WG watched him play with it for a while, but soon got bored. The queen isn't interested in HOW things work, she just wants to make sure they DO work!  :)

Luckily, the pool is open again, so the kids can get their daily swim on.  Throw 'em in for 2 hours, let them get some energy out, and they sleep like rocks!

We've also learned that because of our Curiodyssey membership, we get discounts/free admission to dozens of other museums all over the country.  We're gonna check out the Tech Museum in San Jose this weekend, then the Chabot Space Center in Oakland, maybe next week.

In fitness-related news, I'm happy to report that the weight has been s-l-o-w-l-y coming off.  It may not be quick, but at least it's leaving!  I'm pretty sure the tapping has A LOT to do with it.
And, because of the tabata workouts, I'm getting back into shape.  THIS is happening pretty quickly!  The other day we took the kids for a hike, which ends in an uphill climb. The last few times we've done it I'd been huffing and puffing at the top. But this time I did it with no problem.  Yay!

Although I skipped my regular workout last night and went for a much-needed solo walk. After a long day and meltdowns from both kids, I needed to Get Out Of The House, ALONE!!!!!!
And on my walk I met a VERY sweet, very friendly cat.  The combination of exercise, fresh air, and 10 minutes of kitty time did me a world of good, and I came back home refreshed and ready to be Mom again.

Tomorrow is yoga, and I'm looking forward to it to a degree that may not be healthy.

I'm also reading a really fun book: "Paris in Love" by Eloisa James (she writes terrific romance novels AND is a Shakespeare professor!).  She and her family lived in Paris for a year, and she kept a diary.  It's lovely!
I also watched 2 French movies in a row on cable last Friday: "Paris Je t'Aime" and  "Confidentially Yours," which just happened to be on, one right after the other, on different channels.
I went to Paris with my family when I was 10.  I have yet to go back, but I'd like to.
But the films and the book make me realize that I miss being in a city and need to get there more. I mean, really, we live 15 minutes south of one of the most beautiful cities in the world!  I gotta stop taking it for granted!

But I promised LG a swim this morning, and I have a phone conference this afternoon.  So San Francisco proper will have to wait at least another day.

Have a good one!
P.S., Fun and Interesting Fact of the Day:  Keats once wrote a letter to his brothers in which he told them that the new slang for going to a tavern was "hanging out."  Who knew?!?!

Friday, July 12, 2013

POST-Menstrual Syndrome?!?!?! Apparently, Yes. And SOME Things Happen for a Reason.

Something different is going on.
I'm experiencing PMS symptoms AFTER the fact.
Breaking out, insomnia, moodiness, and awful, horrible anger.

As it turns out, it's not all that uncommon. I haven't had a chance to talk to my doc about it, but I went online and it seems quite a few women experience this, especially as they get into their 40's and beyond.
Just as I was celebrating the lessening of my PRE-MS symptoms.

Dang it.

Anyway, it certainly explains the way I'd been feeling for a few days.
I finally realized that I'm going to need to get to some yoga classes on evenings/weekends this summer, just to save my sanity.  Yes, I work out at home, and do yoga at home, but with one or both kids out of school for a total of 10 weeks, I need some time alone, and I need my yoga.

It's a good thing I don't drink, 'cause I'd probably be tossing back quite a few, if I did.  :)

Speaking of the kiddos, I CANNOT believe how much they've grown recently!  And I'm with them all the time!
But they both are in desperate need of new clothes.  NONE of their old clothes fit.  And at the pool the other day I noticed that LG has...a six-pack?
What happened to his little baby roly-poly tummy that I used to raspberry?  What's up with this GQ, supermodel dude thing he's got going on?

And her!  She's got all these arm & leg muscles, her hips are rounding, and I've mentioned the whole training bra thing.  She's becoming a beautiful young lady, rather than the gorgeous little girl she's been. At 9 1/2 years old!!!!!!

I can't handle this.  They're still my babies.

In all seriousness, it is a bit surreal to see their bodies mature so quickly while, mentally, they are still very much young children.  But I suppose that's the case for any child as they grow up, and special needs kids in particular.

It's now Friday morning, and yesterday was one of those "Yes-it's-frustrating-but-these-things-happen-for-a-reason" type of days.  First off, LG & I went to the pool only to find that it's closed until Monday.  Despite the fact that there are numerous "No glassware in pool area" signs posted, some folks decided to have a party, and they left a whole bunch of broken glass in their wake.  Including IN the pool.  So everything has to be cleaned, the pool needs to be drained, and management must make sure there are no shards of broken glass left lying around.
Which is so nice!  Dontcha just LOVE it when a bunch of selfish morons make life miserable for everyone else, and force OTHER PEOPLE to clean up their mess?   (Kinda like Justin Bieber peeing into a janitorial bucket on his way out of a night club.  Sure, it's tame compared to what some celebs do, but what about the minimum wage-earning guy who has to clean it?)

Anyway, we ended going to Curiodyssey, a local museum, and had a GREAT time! (Ever play hide-and-seek with a gopher snake?  We did!)  In fact, LG is asking to go back today.
And so we shall.

Later, I was on my way to yoga class and got stuck in traffic, so I didn't get there in time.  But then I remembered the studio in our old neighborhood, at which I taught Pilates for a few weeks, and decided to go there.
And, holy cow, ended up in one of the best classes I've ever taken!
I should've known it would be a good night when I was greeted by the owner's dog when I walked into the studio.  And then by the owner herself, who, even though we haven't seen each other in over a year, gave me a big hug & asked about my kids.  :)

I'll definitely be going back.

After class I realized that I didn't need to hurry home, for the first time in a long time.  Hubby was with the kids, and he'd told me to "take my time" (gotta love that man!)
So I went to Whole Foods, lol!
Where I met a 3 month-old pug.  Squeeeeeeeeeee!

I got home at 9:45, and WG was still awake.  Every once in a while she has a night during which she stays up, perfectly content, until about 11:00.  Then, of course, wakes up cranky and tired the next morning, but it doesn't stop her. Hopefully she won't be TOO grumpy at school today.

The only sad part about yesterday was seeing what's left of the Asiana 777 that crashed last weekend.  We got a good look at it on our way to the museum, and it's pretty miraculous that more people weren't hurt or killed.  It's basically a burned-out husk at this point.  And seeing it that closely is pretty scary.  It's heartbreaking, especially thinking about the 2 girls who died.

Can't really think pf a reason for that.

But it once again drives home the need to try and live in the moment.
Sunday is LG's 12th birthday, and we've got a fun weekend planned for him. In the meantime, we'll be going back to Curiodyssey, and then to the park.

Have great weekend, all!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Nerdiest Nerd in Nerdville

It's Sunday evening.  I LOVE Sunday evenings!  Partly because it means the kids go back to school the next day (:)), but also because there's just something very soothing and mellow.  Everyone is gearing up for the week ahead, going to bed earlier (probably) than they have the past 2 nights, and settling in. I like to keep the TV off, turn the radio on, and get the kids bathed, brushed, & ready for bed. I like to listen to a local program called "Acoustic Sunset," followed by "Lost & Found: The Greatest Music You've Never Heard."  Although sometimes I'll go online & listen to BBC Radio 4 Extra.

I didn't ALWAYS feel like this.  Back when I was in school (including college & grad school), I dreaded Monday morning.  Sundays made me anxious and tired.  Even though they were my only day off in grad school, I disliked them, other than the part where I got to sleep in.  Once I was up, forget it!  The anxiety kicked in and that was that.

But now, since I'm focusing on things I actually enjoy, I love this calm before the hectic week.  Especially this time of year, when the sun doesn't set until 9:00 or so.
WG goes back to school tomorrow, and LG, who was sick all weekend, poor thing, begins his summer vacation.
Unfortunately, the camp we were hoping to send him to is full.  So I'll be his cruise director for the next 8 weeks (and for both of them in August).  I see A LOT of swimming, bike riding, and playgrounding in our immediate future.
And maybe some other fun stuff, if I can think of anything.

But tonight I'm particularly looking forward to the morning for a completely dorkozoid reason: I want to try out a new smoothie recipe from my "Hungry Hottie" cookbook.  I've sliced bananas and strawberries & put them in the freezer, dug out my pouch of raw cacao powder, purchased some coconut milk, and my vanilla protein powder is ready to go.
Earlier tonight I made some carrot oven "fries" from the same book, and they were YUM-MY! I'm also getting ready to make a hearty veggie soup from my "River Cottage Veg Everyday" cookbook.

I always forget how much I like cooking new things until I, well, cook something new.  Of course, it was easier when we had our own kitchen, but it's still fun.

Yesterday at Costco Hubby & I bought a Sonicare AirFloss.  It's like a power washer for your teeth, to get rid of plaque.  It needed to charge for 24 hours, so we didn't get to try it until today.  So, after using the Sonicare toothbrush, we airflossed the kids.  :)))  Since it's hard to get them to floss regularly, we figured this would be helpful.
Of course, Hubby & I use it, as well.  With mouthwash.  And my gums feel squeaky-clean!

I'm a nerd.

Also going to try a Bikram yoga studio that's nearby. What they heck, right?  It's only a few blocks away and they have their new student special.

So lots of new stuff on the horizon.

Finally, on another note, our house is right near SFO.  We heard the crash landing yesterday, and saw the smoke.  It was pretty awful.   But also miraculous that more people weren't hurt or killed.  If you can, hold a good thought for those who were, and for their families.

And on that note, I will wish you a good night and a good week.

Take care.

Monday, July 1, 2013

I Hab a Code

I have a cold.  Not a bad one, but it's tuckered me out over the past few days.
It did NOT, however, stop me from going to the Neil Gaiman reading on Friday night!
It DID stop me from being able to get my book signed personally, however.  :(
I waited 3 hours, but was starting to feel pretty crummy.  Plus, I didn't want to risk giving my cold to him (there's a great author gift! "Thanks for all the wonderful stories, here's a virus!).  So I left my goodie bag with some folks from the store that hosted the event.  Hopefully he got it...

He's one of my absolute favorite writers, and I hope I DO get to meet him someday.
Preferably virus-free.

The past 2 days have been spent recuperating and trying to cool off.  It has been HOT!!!!!!!  Especially up in our 3rd floor living space.  We've got the fans going 24/7.
We're also moving into LG's last week of summer school, and WG's second week of her break BEFORE summer school starts.  I'm taking LG for an intake interview for summer camp on Tuesday.  We're hoping to send him for 2-3 weeks.  Otherwise he'll have 8 weeks without a whole lot of structure, and that's just too much.

The local theater magazine has done a huge spread on the show Hubby was in last Fall.  Lots of pictures of him and the cast, and the full script.

Other than that, nothing too terribly exciting to report.  I only got out of the house this weekend to do some grocery shopping.  At the re-vamped grocery store, which now has pretty much everything you need AND a Starbucks.  Even though there's another Starbucks right across the street.

OK, it's now Monday morning (I started writing this ultra-thrilling post last night), and I am CRAN-KY!  I fell asleep around 11 and woke up coughing & hacking at 2, and have been up (coughing and hacking) ever since.
It's Monday.  I've got to get LG off to school & keep WG entertained & out of trouble.  :)  And possibly take them to the pool.
OK, I can do this.  I just need to get through the next 13 hours...