Friday, January 25, 2008

Pick Your Battles!

Leslie over at The Weighting Game ( She's also the author of a great book called "Locker Room Diaries.") has posted a blog about a group of students protesting the videos shown at two Gold's Gyms in Utah, near BYU. They're also demanding that the gyms put shades up in the windows of the aerobics room, because the classes there resemble dancing, and anyone passing by can see inside and might be corrupted.
In the news today, a couple in San Diego is suing their realtor because they bought a house two years ago and now believe they paid too much for it. Apparently, there are two houses on the same street that sold for less. And, oh yeah, the market tanked and the house, like EVERY OTHER HOUSE IN THE COUNTRY, isn't worth as much. When asked if they, as the buyers, should have done any research on the neighborhood, the woman replied "Absolutely not! It was her (the real estate agent's) job!"

Um, really? I don't know about you, but we've bought a number of properties, and we ALWAYS do our own research. We, as the buyers, have the final say as to whether we purchase a property or not. Was someone holding a gun to their heads, forcing them to sign on the dotted line? Somehow I don't think so. If I'm walking by a gym, and there's a class going on, I don't stop and stare (that's rude). But if I DID stop and stare, and was shocked at what I saw, is it the gym's fault, or my own, for being so nosy in the first place?
Frankly I despise most of the videos out there. I think they are obnoxious and degrading. So I speak out, and I refuse to watch them.

When do we stop blaming everyone else? When do we start taking responsibility? When do we act like grown-ups?
There are times to fight, and times to just get over it. When I was expecting our first child, someone told me that when you are a parent, you learn to pick your battles. Shouldn't we just do that?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rest In Peace, Heath

However it happened, by accident or on purpose, your death is a shock and a heartbreak. Rest in peace.

Millionaires Looking For Love

It's a new reality show. Millionaire men seek hot young women for love, matchmaker in New York comes to the rescue. Only hot young chicks need apply. One millionaire just said, on the "Today" show, that his ideal woman is a cross between Florence Nightingale and Lara Croft.

Gee, this guy's still single?

I Went Shopping, and Learned a Few Things

Yesterday, for the first time in I don't know how long, I went to the mall without my kids. I went with my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and cousin-in-law. We spent the entire day out and about, while my husband took care of the kids. And I realized a few things about myself.
I avoid certain stores. At first it was about money: the simple fact is, I have never been able to afford to pay $220 for one pair of jeans. Nor do I want to pay that much. So I avoid those stores. But yesterday there were sales everywhere, and I desperately needed a new pair of jeans. So my SIL took me to Banana Republic, a store I don't think I've ever set foot in. And I felt REALLY uncomfortable. But it wasn't because of the money (the sale prices were really good!). It was because of what I look like. Having spent 9 years in L.A. and nearly 30 as an actress, I've always been self-conscious about my looks. Especially my lack of size zero-ness. I was subconsciously apologizing for being in that store! Until I looked around and realized that, unlike L.A, the other shoppers didn't look like models, either. Then I saw that they carry size 14. OK, not exactly a plus-size mecca, but at least they don't run out at size 4. And they carry "Curvy" sizes! Made for women who have things like hips, and butts, and thighs! And I found a pair of size 12's that fit, look good, are made well (and not by child laborers), and were affordable . (The curvy ones were actually too big. Go figure!-No pun intended.)
At another store, the only size they had left was, you guessed it, zero. And it occurred to me that, HELLO!-there's a reason for that! Because, unlike L.A., NO ONE FITS INTO THEM!!!!! It's NOT a moral failing on my part, or on anyone else's! CLOTHES SHOULD BE MADE TO FIT THE PERSON, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!
We also went to a bridal store so my SIL could try on her wedding dress (Yay! And she's GORGEOUS!!!). There were many women there, all different shapes and sizes, and they all looked BEAUTIFUL! (And I must say, there was a surprising lack of Bridezilla-ness.) One woman was on the podium next to us, and she was tall, big-boned and athletic. She was NOT tiny and fragile, and she looked so stunning! This idea that we all have to be tiny and frail (and white!) to be beautiful is ludicrous, and we all need to give a big ol' FU to Hollywood, Madison Avenue, and anyone else who tries to tell us we're not good enough just as we are, and that we have to starve to meet their fucking expectations! Who the fuck are they to tell us what to do?!?!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy Mavericks Day, Everyone!

If you're not a surfer, and/or you don't live in Northern California, today is the start of the Maverick's Surf Contest (on MySpace at mavverickssurf), at Mavericks Beach in Half-Moon Bay. Surfers from all over the world come and compete, and about 50,000 people show up just to watch. It's pretty cool.
Jeff Clark, who founded the event, discovered the surfing scene at Mavericks. For 15 years he surfed there by himself, and tried to convince other surfers to come try it. But no one believed him!
They do now!
I don't surf. My husband is a beginner. And a couple of years ago our kids took part in Surfer's Healing, which is a group that travels around the country and takes Autistic kids out on the water. It was started by a professional surfer who has an Autistic son. He noticed that his son was calmer on the water. It is a wonderful organization, and is completely free for the participants. It makes me wish I WAS a surfer, until I get on a board and start freaking out.
Maybe I'll just buy a skateboeard and pretend.
Have a great day!

Friday, January 11, 2008

On Budget Cuts and Apologies

I'm a slacker blogger! I apologize, to the three people who read this. My only excuse's block? OK, lame.
For those of you who live in California, I'm sure you've heard about the budget cuts, and education is taking a direct hit. Especially special ed, which is hitting us where it hurts. We have FINALLY gotten both of our kids settled into classes that are perfect for them, which they enjoy, and now the future is in flux again. I worry about it for so many reasons, but mainly because they have been moved around so much in the past two years. First from L.A. to NorCal, then into a new therapy program, then into 2 different schools for my daughter and 4! for my son. Plus, I'm REALLY good at worrying.
I guess I need to have more faith. Every program we have had for them has worked really well, and I just need to keep believing that it will continue.
And, hey! I've got my Zoloft! Things are looking up!