Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Crawling, Blinking, Back Into the Daylight

After 2 weeks of spring break, LG caught a cold. Which he has oh-so-generously passed on to me, and possibly Hubby and WG, as well.  So it's been an interesting time in our abode.
Add to that Hubby's need for stitches after cutting his hand at work (lucky that he works at a hospital!), then having his car window smashed and his backpack stolen.  His wallet was on his person, thankfully, and he later got a call from a fella who lives in the neighborhood and found it later, while he was walking his dog.  And then went above and beyond by figuring out, from the carabiner he found in the backpack, that Hubby is a rock climber, and calling the rock gyms in order to get Hubby's phone #.  And because Hubby's VA ID was in there, he called the VA clinic and let them know the situation.
A few things were taken from the bag; a portable phone charger, an extra pair of glasses, and a pocket knife (interestingly enough, the same knife he'd cut his hand with, so maybe they did him a favor in that regard.)
So while there are mean people who do nasty things, there are also wonderful, kind people, as well.

But, naturally, Hubby was little down and freaked out afterward.  It's such a huge violation, especially since it was in a neighborhood we spend a lot of time in, and one in which he does a lot of his stage work.
So, yeah, big ol' bummer.

But, there are god things happening, too.  LG MIGHT (fingers and toes crossed) be going to a high school that's even better than the one he's currently registered for.  WG is using her communication device more and more.  Hubby is doing a workshop for one of the big regional theaters, and has a full-time, Equity gig starting in August.  I'm doing a reading in a couple fo weeks, for a show that may or may not have a full production in September. And there's still a good chance that our little improv group may become a performing troupe in the near future.

So things are looking up.  I must admit that the past month and a half has been challenging, so it's really nice to see things turning around.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Soooooooooooo Sorry!

4 weeks.
Bad blogger! (slaps wrist)
Ending the second of 2 weeks of spring break.  Barely coherent.  Almost unable to move. Cannot. Keep. Track. Of. Children.

Send help!!!!!!!!!

Will write more later.