Friday, April 14, 2017

Adolescence, Perimenopause, and Other Stufff

It's a cruel fact that, if a woman has children, chances are that she will experience pre- or full-on menopause at the same time at least one of her children is going through puberty.  Such is the case with me and WG.  All those female hormones are wreaking havoc at all hours.  Plus, LG is also in the throes of male adolescence, which is its own kind o' crazy.
Hubby's show opened last week, to very nice reviews, for the show AND for him.  LG was on spring break, and then WG is off next week.

I'm doing the performance of the Mom show again this year.  In about a month.  And then LG will be done with the regular school year.  He has summer school in June, but it's only 4 hours a day.
It just seems like time goes by faster every year.  Before we know it, LG will be almost done with school for good, and we'll have to figure out his future.  And WG not long after.  The way the world is going, I have to say that I'm not entirely optimistic that there will be programs in place for them as adults.

On a happier note, a friend of mine has just bought a house that's not too far away.  For years she's been living in the city, but she got a job at a school in Silicon Valley, and will be moving soon.  To an area I tend to go to quite a bit, actually. So we'll be able to hang out, hopefully, more often.  I haven't seen her in nearly a year!  She's also in the show.

So there's quite a bit going on in these parts.  Also, looking for ward to the new season of "Doctor Who", which starts tomorrow.  See you in time and space!