Thursday, October 1, 2015

Holy crud, I've done it again.
But I have good reasons!
Hubby is opening his show tonight at ACT in San Francisco.  He's been working his regular job AND rehearsing AND performing 8 shows a week.
And, this week, I started a temporary, part-time job teaching intro to drama for high school freshmen.
Very ROWDY high school freshmen.
And one of the tires on my car burst.
And the brakes need adjusting.
Also taking care of the kids, the house, the dog (who had 4 tumors removed 2 weeks ago and had the stitches taken out today) and all the usual stuff.
Plus all the in-laws are going on vacation.  Lots of stuff to do.

And, to be honest, the past 3 weeks have been...overwhelming.  I can't even point to too many specific things (other than the new job and all the paperwork that goes along with it), I just know I've been feeling overwhelmed and more stressed out than usual.  And little things have been going askew.  Nothing major, but, taken all together, they make life more difficult.

And now, today, another school shooting.
I seriously, truly, want to move.
To a country that hasn't completely lost its mind.
Where I don't have to wonder, every day, when I send my kids off to school, if they will come home safely.

And I'm realizing I just can't blog right now.
But I will soon.