Wednesday, July 24, 2013

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream...

Full disclosure: I had another post written and ready to go, but it was so negative and whiny I deleted it.  Seriously, I re-read it and it annoyed me, so I can't even imagine how you guys would feel!  But I also realized that the reason i was feeling so cranky was LACK OF SLEEP.

It turns out that all that stuff they tell us about getting enough sleep, all those negative effects of lack of sleep, and the positive stuff that comes from getting 8 hours of shut-eye/night (or however much one needs, it's different for everyone) is, well, ALL TRUE!
Who knew?
I mean, besides the researchers, research subjects, scientists, doctors, nurses, parents, teachers, adults, and anyone who's ever had insomnia.
Including me.
So you'd think I'd know better!

But the past year has been particularly fraught with anxiety, adjustments to the new living arrangement, the loss of our precious Luna pup, and work issues for both Hubby and myself. And let's not forget the entrance to pre-puberty of both kids!  Aaaaaaaauuuughghgh!!!!!!!!!  Add it all up, and sleep has been a pretty precious commodity.

It came to a head on Monday: WG had to stay home from school, and I was so tired I could hardly move. Looking after both kids in that condition was making me crazy (and whiney, hence the deleted post).  I couldn't take the kids to the pool because she was under the weather.  We had to stay close to home, and LG was suffering from cabin fever. I ended up going to bed at 9:30 and sleeping until 6:30 the next morning. After 9 hours of sleep, I felt like a new woman!  I had energy!  I was in a GREAT mood!  WG went back to school, and LG & I had some quality bonding time (swimming, going out to lunch, grocery shopping together).  Later WG & I had a tickle party, and I even got my barre workout in.  I went to bed at 10:00, and woke up naturally (without my alarm) at 5:30.  Which is easy to do in the summer, when it's starting to get light at that time and it's not freezing, lol!

And it finally hit me that a lot of my issues might be solved if I got more sleep. The crankiness, haggard appearance, even some of the extra weight, will probably go away if I'm rested.


So, my new goal: try to be IN bed by 9:30, and get to sleep ASAP afterwards.
Even if the book I happen to be reading at the time is REALLY good...

OK, on a COMPLETELY different topic, I'm watching a story on the BBC about the possibility of sending a 3-person crew to mars, and it might actually be feasible!
Y'know, for all my complaints about the direction humanity is taking, we actually live in pretty exciting times.

OK.  Gotta go prepare for the potty training dude.  Wish us luck!  :)

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