Monday, July 29, 2013

The Only Constant...

Today we begin the new potty training regime for WG.
OK, HUBBY begins the new regime.
Hey, he VOLUNTEERED!  I'm not gonna say no!

Poor LG caught WG's cold over the weekend.  He's feeling better, but had a hard time getting to sleep because of his cough.  He was up until midnight, so Mom & Dad were up until midnight.  But our fierce, mean, killer pit bull lay down next to him, head on the bed, and stayed there all night.
<3 nbsp="" p=""> Last week we met with LG's care worker at the regional Center.  We meet with her every year for an annual review for both kids, but this was specifically for LG.  The time has come for us to have him assessed for ADD.  He's always been VERY energetic, but he has great difficulty focusing.  The good news is that there are a ton of interventions we can try, with medication being the absolute last resort.
It's a good time for it.  Adolescence, of course, brings in a whole new set of challenges for any kid, but even more so for kids with autism.  In some ways I'm sure it'll feel like we're starting from scratch.

I've started taking a beginning flow yoga class on Sundays, to go along with the Thursday class. Which is called "Slow Flow."  But I call it "OMGholyhellpleasefortheloveofallthingsgoodanddecentonthisearthhelpme!"
And once school starts I can get to my weekday morning classes again.
I must say that the Sunday class is a nice way to recharge my batteries.  I get time out of the house, Hubby stays with the kids, and I can realign body, mind and spirit.

Finally, in the News-From-Abroad/I-Have-No-Life category, filming on the 3rd episode of the 3rd season of "Sherlock" began today, with an amazing nemesis (played by Lars Mikkelson). It's gonna be epic!!!!!!

OK.  Gotta go work out.



Geosomin said...

New Sherlock? hooray!

The way you describe your sunday sounds like just the thing. I'm glad you have some time away to rewind...even if it is for yoga. I'd be a whiney pretzel in minutes I'm afraid L)

Crabby McSlacker said...

I agree, with all you deal with it's great that you are giving yourself a little chance to unwind!