Friday, April 10, 2009

They're At It Again!!!!!

Remember back around Valentine's Day, when, along with all the annoying ads to buy diamonds and expensive chocolates even though the economy was (and is) in the toilet and people could barely afford toilet PAPER, 'cause if you don't your wife/girlfriend/mistress/significant other is gonna get mad and DUMP you in THE most humiliating way possible, we were ALSO inundated by killjoy messages about OMG! Don't eat the chocolate/candy hearts/red Peeps, doyouknowhowmuchFATand howmanyCALORIESareinthatyou'regonnadieorworsegetFAT!!!!!!!?
Remember that?
Well, it's Easter weekend, and the Killjoys are back.
In my inbox this morning there was an email titled "The Worst Easter Candy!!!!!!!!" (The exclamation points are mine, but were TOTALLY implied in the email.) The funny thing is, I don't really eat Easter candy. I eat Ghiradelli pretty much year-round. (Those new peanut butter squares? Yum-mer!!!! Like gourmet Reeses"!) My dentisit isn't happy, but ifigure a little chocolate square every now and then can't be TOO bad. (Actually, my dentist probably IS happy; I'm helping put her kids through college, after all...)
It's funny, the Killjoys don't get all riled up over Matzoh and gefilte fish. But then, it's hard to muster ANY enthusiasm for that, whether positive or negative. The closest thing we get to candy at the seder is a coconut macaroon.
We don't even get to color and hunt for eggs! Nana splits a piece of matzoh and hides it!!!! (Usually, in our family, she'd forget where she hid it, my brother and I would get bored before we figured it out, and someone, a few hours or even days later, would sit on the couch and hear a crunching sound. Found it!)
But I digress. (Shocker!) The point is, here we go again! We can't enjoy a single day, a holiday, a CELEBRATION without the "experts" yelling at us and nagging us! "Don't do this! Don't do that! It's bad for you! You'll regret it! You'll be a laughingstock! Everywhere you go, people will point and laugh and you'll be OSTRACIZED! Put the chocolate bunny down and step away!!!"
Well, you know what I say? All those experts can take their 'healthy alternatives" and put know where!
Now, pass me that creme egg!

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Charlotte said...

Amen to that. I hate how shrill the media machine gets around holidays!