Monday, August 22, 2011

Will Walk for Kale Chips, Plus a Movie Review

A few months ago my brother and S-I-L were in town.  She later posted on Facebook that, as they waited in the airport for their flight home, she snacked on a bag of kale chips.  My brother, not known for the variety in his diet or willingness to Try New Things, took one look at them and asked "Are those lawn clippings?"

I LOVE kale chips!  I bought a bad today and already plowed through 1/3 of it. I put kale in my smoothies.  I just don't particularly like kale on its own.  But I'm trying to be a grown-up and learn to like it.  Or at least tolerate it. 'Cause it's SO good for you!

You know what else is really good for you?  Walking.  The other day I brought the van to a service station to get the brakes fixed and then walked to my in-laws' house the next town over, where I'd deposited the kids.  It took me about an hour, and I was carrying about 20 pounds of stuff in my backpack.  It was fun and a great workout, and reminded me of how much I used to love taking walks!  Our last house was at the bottom of a hill, and it was an instant workout.  Plus, fresh air (or at least as fresh as it gets in L.A.), time to myself, and endorphins.  Perfect!  I decided I'm going to walk more once the kids are back in school. My sanity and my waistline will thank me.

The kids start school in 2 days.  WOOOO-HOOOOO!!!!!!!!  I love my kids, but the fact that I'm outnumbered, have to find a sitter so I can work, and can provide only so much structure/fun activities/stuff to keep them busy and engaged and, ultimately, make them tired without burning out myself is challenging, to say the least. I'm SO looking forward to putting her on the bus, dropping him off, and getting a few hours of peace and quiet! Maybe even a nap, as LG has taken to waking up at 4 or 5 AM and ensuring that no one else stays asleep by providing loud re-enactments of favorite "Spongebob" episodes. Verbatim.  Using many voices.  He's certainly talented.  But did I mention he's LOUD?  At 4 AM?
Meanwhile WG has decided that she's ready for school, and is letting us know with many (also loud) meltdowns.
Ah, Monday!  When the kids are going crazy, the landscapers are working across the street (#$@%&-ing leaf blowers at 7 am WHY?!?!?!?!) and Hubby won't be home until 9:30 PM because he has an audition after work.  So no yoga class for me tonight. No sleep for the past 5 days.  Many meltdowns, from BOTH kids and, I'm guessing, from ME, fairly soon.

On the plus side, I did get out for a couple of hours on Saturday.  Went to see "Fright Night," which was OK.   Turns out David Tennant doesn't appear until about 45 minutes in.  It also turned out that the screening I showed up for was in 3-D.  UGH!  I've never been a big fan of 3-D, it makes me dizzy.  And, quite honestly, I have no burning desire to see blood spatter in 3-D, which there's quite a bit of in this movie, as you can imagine.  I ended up taking the glasses off through much of it.  I'd rather it be a bit blurry than have to hurl into my cup holder.
The cast was good. DT was great, as always.  And there was a fun cameo, which only makes sense if you're familiar with the original.  I really liked the original.  For me, it had a heart and spirit that was lacking in this version.  Too much time following the characters as they tiptoe around creepy, dark places, and not enough dimension to them the way they're written.  Chris Sarandon, in the original, was so compelling and sexy and even sympathetic at times.  Colin Farrell is fun, but creepy right off the bat (sorry, no pun intended) and doesn't get much of a chance to be anything else.  The girl (Imogene Poots) is, well The Girl, and the single mom (Toni Collette) is The Single Mom. Although it was fun to play "That Actor's Not From There But Does A Perfect Accent."  David Tennant is Scottish {but uses an English accent here}, Imogene Poots is English, Colin Farrell is Irish, and Toni Collette is Australian. Anton Yelchin was born in Russia but raised in the U.S., so I guess that doesn't count.
Still, I hope it does well.  Especially as I've heard rumors that if it DOES, there might be a sequel focusing on DT's character.  I'd like to see him get more work on this side of the pond, for purely selfish reasons: it's not like I can hop a flight to London and catch him in "Much Ado About Nothing."  Plus, as I've said before, I really like watching good actors act.

OK.  Looks like the sun might be peeking through the clouds.  Gonna take the urchins to the pool for a bit, then for a walk later.


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Geosomin said...

ooh...glad to hear Fright Night is OK. I'm hoping to go see it this week...
I cannot find Kale around here very often. I an dying to try out making kale chips. I'm hoping I can get some at the farmers market this weekend. We shall see...
It's funny where I work we are also counting down the days until the students come back. There will be so much more to do then :)
I hope things will mellow a bit for you once they kids are back at school...I bet having the routine again will be nice. :)