Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Schools Are Open...

And I am free!
(Said in the voice of The Creature from "The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit", season 2 of "Doctor Who.")

Yes, today is the first day of school!!!!!! And it's gonna be a great year!
WG was a bit fussy this morning (tired), but as soon as she saw the bus, she got a BIG smile on her face!  Then she crawled right in and sat in her usual seat, rarin' to go.  It was so cute!
And LG ran around his classroom like he couldn't believe he was actually back.  It's so NICE when the kids actually want to go to school! (Not that I blame them, I want to go to their schools, too, lol!)

But I'm sitting on the bed, blogging, and not having to worry about whether LG is playing with the food I just bought yesterday (to make "crabby patties."  Dude, I love Spongebob too, but that bread isn't cheap!), or if WG is going to have a meltdown at any minute, or if either one of them is getting into anything they should be leaving alone.
IT'S SO NICE!!!!!!

I'm gonna play on the computer and maybe take a nap.
Have a great one!

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Geosomin said...

Sounds like you're loving it already:)