Monday, August 1, 2011

I Remember (Before I Was A) Mama

Last night, for my birthday, Hubby took me to dinner in the City.  We went to a nice sushi place in the Richmond district called Sushi Bistro.  Apparently, it used to be housed in a smaller space a few blocks away, but then it was featured in an ad for (I believe) iPhone, and became very popular.
We made early reservations, partly because it gets busy and partly because, well, we're tired these days.  So we dropped the kids (and my mom, who's visiting) over at the in-laws' and headed north.  I hadn't been to the city in a couple of months, and haven't been there at night in a long time, so it was really nice.  I also realized that Hubby and I hadn't gone out alone together in over a year!  Between his job, my jobs, the kids and our (until recently) severe lack of money, we hadn't had a date night in waaaaaaay too long!
It was SO relaxing!  Just to be able to sit in a restaurant, have other people make and bring the food, then clean up afterwards was such a treat!  Add in the fact that we weren't constantly telling someone to sit down, use their indoor voice, stop poking their brother, etc.,  and it was like a vacation!  I'd forgotten what it was like to just sit and relax, like adults.  It reminded me of what life was like before it revolved around the kids.
Don't get me wrong: as soon as we got back to my in-laws' I was squishing and kissing my offspring as if I hadn't seen them in days rather than hours.
But it was REALLY nice to spend time alone with my husband.
After dinner we tried to walk around the Marina, but couldn't find parking.  So we tried Russian Hill, but couldn't find parking.  Finally, we went to the Potrero and to Whole Foods, where I was able to use the ladies' room and do a bit of grocery shopping.  Then we left to go get the kids. (And my sister-in law gave me a present: 3 CDs of 80's tunes!  SCORE!!!!!!!!))

It was a good reminder that Hubby and I are not JUST parents, but partners, as well.  After all, we fell in love with each other first, before we had kids and fell in love with them.  And the best gift we can give our kids is to love and care for each other as much as we love and care for them.

And in other news, today is the first day in which BOTH kids are officially on summer break.  So if you hear screaming coming from the left side of the country, it's probably me.  I will need my yoga class tonight, and perhaps a good stiff drink.  Except that I don't drink.  Hmmm...this might force me to start...
Tomorrow night I am taking mom top go see "Captain America."  Now that I've broken my 5-year movie sabbatical (with "Harry Potter,") and have been watching YouTube videos of last weekends' ComicCon (I WILL get there in person someday!), I have decided to once again fully embrace my inner geek.  Granted, I've been partially embracing her since "Doctor Who" came back on the air, but now it's time to go whole-hog.  So yes, I will be seeing "Captain America" in a theater.
Plus, it turns out that Chris Evans grew up outside of Boston.  Gotta go support the home team!

And the fact that Richard Armitage is in it doesn't hurt either, lol!


Charlotte said...

So jealous that it's August and it's the first time your kids have both been off;) I think I lost my mind this summer and I still have a whole month left! And yayaya for the sushi date! Isn't it amazing how much good a little date night can do? Happy birthday again!

azusmom said...

I know, I shouldn't really complain when they each have 4 weeks of summer school, lol!

azusmom said...

Oh, and thank you for the b-day wishes! :)

Geosomin said...

Embrace the inner geek! :)

I've been looking forward to Captain America - it's supposed to be all Rocketeer was. The question is *when*?

I'm so glad you got an evening out just the 2 of you. :)