Tuesday, August 2, 2011

OK, Commence Freaking Out Now

So I was getting set to take Mom out to see "Captain America" when I got a call from Hubby.  He was on a freeway not to far from home when he was rear-ended by an SUV.  He was thrown off his motorcycle, but is THANKFULLY ok!  But we're staying home tonight.  His hand hit his chest as he fell, so he's a bit sore, but otherwise feels fine.
Still, not gonna leave him alone (with the kids) tonight.
The other driver stopped and waited for the highway patrol, which is good.  But his front tires were completely bald, so he couldn't stop or maneuver.  Not good.  He was also going way too fast on a MERGE in a construction zone!
Hubby is a good driver and very physically aware.  He moved to the left when he heard tires squealing, and that's probably what saved him from a worse injury.  He also wears all his protective gear, all the time.
But I can't help wishing we had a second car.

He's in a bit of shock, and so am I.  I think I need to take a walk.

If you don't mind, maybe send some good thoughts and prayers?  Thanks!


Charlotte said...

Prayers, absolutely! How terrifying! I'm so so glad he's all right and I hope he stays that way!

azusmom said...

Thank you! So far, so good... (knock on wood.)

Geosomin said...

eep. Definitely...prayers and thoughts are yours. I'm so glad he is alright.

azusmom said...

He went to the hospital today and had an x-ray. They couldn't see anything, and told him to rest & take painkillers as needed.