Monday, August 29, 2011

Brave or Foolish?

We're taking the kids camping this weekend.  At Yosemite. On one of the busiest weekends of the year.  WG has been to Yosemite but has never been camping (unless you count the trip we made in '03, when she was in utero.  Have I mentioned how bad an idea it is to go camping when you're 7 months pregnant?  Sleeping on the ground in a tent when you have to pee every 17 1/2 minutes and there are hungry bears nearby is NOT fun!), and LG is still emotionally scarred from his camping trip last year, which he generally didn't enjoy.
But we're going.

Part of me is REALLY excited!  I haven't been camping since the '03 trip, and I LOVE Yosemite!  But another part of me (that would be the Jewish Mother Part) is terrified.  All sorts of worst-case scenarios are running through my head (shocking, I know).  I'm pondering getting one of those GPS tracker devices for the kids. I can't find their I.D bracelets.  I'm also just thinking of chaining myself to both of them for the entire weekend.  Sure, it'd make swimming and the aforementioned peeing difficult, but it might just be worth it...

We went to REI yesterday to stock up on supplies.  That place is so much fun! The kids even enjoyed it, which, perhaps, bodes well for the trip?

We thought about bringing the dog, but since she just turned 13 and has that arthritis in her hips we've decided to leave her with the in-laws. All that walking and hiking and swimming would be hard on her.  Because she's part Corgi, she follows the kids EVERYWHERE and tires herself out.  This way she'll be able to lounge in the sun, hang with her goofy pitbull buddy, and enjoy home-cooked meals.  (My M-I-L not only spoils the grandchildren, but the granddogs, as well.)

Of course, if the kids are having meltdowns, we can always leave. There's no law that says we have to stay the entire weekend.  And since Monday is a holiday we'll have time to decompress before going back to work and school.  So I'm going to try and Have Faith that All Will Be Well, and focus on enjoying the trip.

Oh, and may I just say, Anusara yoga is like therapy.
That is all.

Good night.


Geosomin said...

Sounds like so much fun :)
I LOVE camping...hope you have a great trip!
I'm glad you're taking the kids husband never went as a kid and it was a shame I think. It was a slow steady thing to get him into camping with me as I love it and have always gone, even as a kid...over the years we've figured out what he needs to enjoy it and it's become a real fun part of every summer!
Have fun!

azusmom said...

That's what we're hoping, that the kids will really enjoy it and we can go more often. A year-long pass costs the same as paying for the 4 of us for a day, so it'd be great if we could go throughout the year.