Thursday, August 25, 2011

HIIT Me Baby One More Time

I started doing HIIT workouts this week.  So far I've done two, and have one left for the week.  I'm also, of course, teaching my Pilates classes, doing yoga, and taking the kids to the pool.
Those HIIT workouts are only 35 minutes, but they're KILLING me!  They talk about how much fat you burn even after the workout, which is great, but they don't tell you that you'll also turn into a zombie!!!!!!!
I fell asleep at about 12: 30 this afternoon.  Luckily I had the day off and didn't have to function much beyond getting the kids to and from school, because if I'd had to be alert all day I would have been in serious trouble. And I didn't even do the workout today!  I did it yesterday, then taught my class in the evening.  I've decided I'm going to avoid doing HIIT and Pilates on the same day whenever possible.
Please, someone who has done these types of workouts, tell me it gets easier?  Not the workouts themselves, but the after-effects!  I have to teach 4 classes in the next 3 days, and kinda need to be awake!

I also have another job interview tomorrow.  For Peninsula Youth Theater, in Mountain View.  Which is kinda cool, since I just emailed them my resume last night.  Before my computer crashed.  The same computer which needs a new hard drive.  Fortunately, I have an extended warranty and don't have to pay for it.  Whew! (I'm currently using Hubby's computer.)

And in more breaking news, I'm taking a few days off for Labor Day Weekend!  I'll have almost an entire week off! We might go to Yosemite.  I'm kinda thinking a day trip, but Hubby wants to stay overnight.  We'll see.  He's also taking a couple of days off, and we're going to lunch next Thursday, just the two of us! I'm so excited!
And I still have a spa weekend to plan...

And finally, my geeky little heart is swelling because this Saturday is the return!  Yes!  "Doctor Who" comes back for the second half of the 6th season!  I have so many theories about who's who, what's what, and who does what to whom.  So I'll see if I'm right or, as usual, waaaaaaaaay off the mark.  In the meantime I've been watching some classic "Who" on Netflix and YouTube.  Including "The Web of Fear" from 1966, starring my former boss, Tina Packer (who went on to found Shakespeare & Company). Yes, it's a small world, my friends!  Hubby and I often see our friends on TV or in the movies, and it's always so nice!  Because they're talented and work hard and deserve it.  (I saw one such friend in 3-D the other day.  It was a but unsettling.  I mean, yes, I see them in  3-D in PERSON without any side-effects, but seeing them that way on screen, well, we've talked about the effect 3-D has on me.)

Anyway, I'm now gonna sign off & listen to the radio (or Spotify on the computer.  Do check it out if you haven't; it's pretty cool!) and play footsie with WG, who's sitting here with me, fresh from her bath and comfy in her summer PJs.


The Merry said...

I dearly loved the idea that Crabby McSlacker put forth on Cranky Fitness: Somewhat High Intensity Interval Training.

azusmom said...

Ha! Brilliant! I love it!

Geosomin said...

I wish we got spotify up here. Canada has some rediculous restrictions on media sharing.

HIIT get a bit easier with time...I just find I need more sleep on the days I do it or I am even more tired the next day...

azusmom said...

That's a good idea! Maybe I can try going to bed a bit earlier on the days I do HiiT. Hubby can take care of the kids, lol!