Friday, October 1, 2010

Ready, Set...

I'm ALMOST ready to go!
With the new teaching job, I mean.  Yes, I have found not only an AMAZING sitter, but help with paying her, as well!  She is my kids' former behavioral therapist.  She has sat for them before, but never on a regular basis.  Both kids love her, and she ADORES them!  She's reliable, experienced, and , best of all, excited to sit for them!
All I have to do is arrange payment through the Regional Center, which pays part of the cost. 
I met with my supervisor/co-teacher today, and I am so excited (and nervous) to start this class! Right now we have 12 kids signed up, but will probably end up with 15 or so.  Thankfully there will be 4 of us to wrangle them, lol!

Yesterday I took a yoga class in the morning at the gym.  Afterwards I took a shower and sat in the sauna.  I hadn't done that in years, and I'd NEVER done it at this particular gym, even though I've been going there (first as a member, now as an employee) for 4 years.  It was like a mini-spa day, and I decided I'm going to take advantage of it more often.
As well as the hot tub at our place.  The pool will be closing for the season at the end of the month, but the hot tub stays open.  I'll just bring the kids with me! Why not? They love it as much as I do.
(And speaking of the pool; we went swimming on Wednesday, and LG decided to take off his swimming shorts.  I looked in the pool and saw this cute little tush surfacing above the water, at which point I dove in and helped him put his shorts back on.  Luckily there were ONLY 12 OTHER PEOPLE THERE AT THE TIME!!!!!!

In the coming weeks we're all going to be quite busy.  I'm subbing a bunch of Pilates classes as well as starting this drama class, the kids have their big Halloween outing coming up in a couple of weeks (at a local pumpkin farm.  It's their big Halloween celebration, since they don't have any interest in trick-or-treating), Hubby's doing some readings at a local theater, and we're taking both kids to a new pediatrician.  On top of that, WG will be going in for her neurological assessment soon.
Funny, I thought that once the kids were back in school I'd be a little less busy.

On the health front, for the first time in my life, I'm interested in healthy food not as a way of losing weight, but as a way of making myself feel better, be healthier, and (hopefully) live longer. 
I'm finally realizing that maybe, just maybe, I don't have to feel sluggish all the time.  I don't have to have headaches 15 days a month.  I don't have to learn to live with the aches and pains and twinges and sleeplessness, and I definitely don't have to rely on ibuprofin to get me through it all! There are things I can do, and one of the biggest is to look at how and what I eat.  Not just in an emotional context, but in a physical one.  Not with calories in/out, but nutrients.  How do I feel after I eat?  Do I LIKE feeling that way?  If not, maybe I can tweak it. Eat something else, something that makes me feel GOOD, physically AND emotionally!
Because I DESERVE that!  Food isn't something to be shunned.  It's not the enemy.  It's also not the answer to my issues.  It's nourishment and, yes, enjoyment.  But not the ONLY enjoyment in my life!
I'm not morally bankrupt because I've put on weight.  I'm not a lesser person because I'm not (and never have been, never will be) Hollywood skinny. And I need to stop being ashamed of myself!
That has always been such a big issue; shame.  When I really look at it, I have nothing to be ashamed of.  I am a good person.  I'm a good mom, wife, employee, and citizen of Earth.  In my heart of hearts, I want everyone to be content. I'm not perfect.  At all.

And I like it that way!


Charlotte said...

Your last paragraph is amazing!!! I need to print that in lipstick on my mirror and look at it every day. Good luck with the new class -you'll be awesome!

azusmom said...

Thanks! I'm equal parts nervous and excited!

Maybe I'll put that last paragraph on a t-shirt...