Monday, October 4, 2010

Oh Inner Donna Reed, Where Art Thou?

For those of you who are younger than I, Donna Reed was an actress who starred in her own TV show, playing the ultimate housewife.  (She is also Mary in "It's A Wonderful Life, one of my personal favorite movies). However, behind the scenes she was also an uncredited producer and director of her show.  She may be best remembered for cleaning windows while wearing heels and pearls, but she also kicked some major Hollywood booty!
And it's times like these when I could use that combination.  There are days when I wish I was still a full-time SAHM.  With the kids still going to school, of course. These are the times that try my soul, and I think that I would willingly wash the windows with vinegar and newspaper if only I didn't have to go to work and deal with a*&hats!!!!!
I mean, WHAT is it about me that makes people believe they can talk down to me?  Do I come off as stupid?  I don't think so! Am I the nice, quiet one who won't fight back when you dump all your frustration on her, until she gets so fed up she poisons the punch at the office holiday party?  HARDLY! I think I'm a failry intelligent, very loyal, hardworking employee.  So WHY?!?!?!
WHY is my time treated as less important than others'?  Why is my commitment to my work questioned, when I am the FIRST person EVERYONE calls when they need a class covered? Is it MY fault that my F-I-L had to have EMERGENCY TRIPLE BYPASS SURGERY, throwing my childcare situation out of whack, and didn't I work my BUTT off getting another sitter?  Why would you question my commitment because of that?!?! Aren't I the one who hasn't taken a vacation, who has covered EVERYONE else while they took theirs, and hasn't asked for a sub in over a year?!?!
And when I interviewed for this new job, I TOLD you I have 2 kids with special needs!  But you offered me the job anyway, I accepted, and I covered my childcare on the days you told me I'd be needed.  Now, out of the blue, I'm needed ANOTHER day. And I HAVE to be there, oh yes! No choice for me! But if the two 14 year-olds can't make it, well, that's OK then.
All I can say is, these jobs better be worth my time. Or else they're gonna see the butt-kicking side come out!

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