Monday, March 29, 2010

Yoga, and Some Things Really DO happen For a Reason!

This past weekend I took my level 2 YogaFit teacher training.  And what started out as a thing to do because I love yoga, want to teach, and need to make money turned into a life-changing event.  Not in the way of I'm-suddenly-perfectly-enlightened, I-must-give-away-all-my-earthly-possessions-and-go-meditate-on-a-mountain kind of way, but in a real-life way. 
'Cause I am NOT going to go meditate on a mountain anytime soon (the mountains are too far, and I need to be home in time to pick up my kids), I get chilly when it dips below 70 (mountaintops are COLD!), and, while I AM getting rid of stuff we don't need anymore, I kinda like having things like a home, a bed, and running water.
And a computer.
This weekend was about communication; how do we communicate to our students?  To find out, we spent a lot of time figuring out our own learning processes, and where we are strongest as well as what could use some work.  We also started talking about yoga philosophy, as well as the fact that it is a philosophy and not a RELIGION. 
One of the philosophies can be boiled down to "Change the way you feel, not the way you look."
HELLO!!!!! That one spoke to me!  Actually, it came right up, got in my face, and conked me on the head!  In a loving, gentle way, of course.
Because so many students, especially in the gym environments where I teach, come to yoga (and Pilates) as a way to look better, but stick with it when they start feeling better.  When they have increased mobility, and can breathe easier, and start playing sports again, or playing with their kids.
In fact, each of the philosophies we discussed are things that I am struggling with right now.  It's almost as if this training came at the perfect time.
And maybe it did!
There's a saying that goes something like "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."  And right now I feel I have SO MANY teachers!  So many people in my life from which I am learning so much.  Including, no, ESPECIALLY you guys!

This morning we had a meeting at my daughter's school, and her ABA therapist, who has been working with her for 4 years, came along. It was her last IEP with us, and it felt like a passing of the torch.  She's been visiting the classroom as well, giving advice and bridging the gap between the people WG's been working with to the ones who will take the reigns from here.  And, while I'm sad to lose the ABA therapists, I am SO HAPPY with the folks at her school!
And it got me thinking; if we hadn't had so much trouble finding the right class for her, she wouldn't be at this wonderful school now. And it is the PERFECT school for her!  If we hadn't gone through all that angst, we wouldn't be at this place. 
So, yes, sometimes things happen for a reason, even if we can't see it right away.

Now I'm gonna go lie down and try to sleep for the next 12 hours.  I'm TIRED, lol!!!!!!

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