Saturday, March 13, 2010

Conundrums. Conundrae?

What the heck is the plural of "conundrum," anyway?  Am I even spelling it right?

Anyway, I went on Wikipedia to look up biathlons, to see if any exist of just swimming and cycling. Turns out it usually refers to Olympic-style, which is made up of cross-country skiing and shooting.  Rifles.  SO not for me!!!  Gun control laws exist for a reason: to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, yes, but also out of the hands of people like me, aka; klutzes.  I'd end up shooting my own foot off.  The skiing part I can handle, but I should keep both hands on the poles.
There are some summer biathlons, but they combine swimming and running, or cycling and running.  In other words, I can't find combination that eliminates the running part.
So maybe I should just train for a cycling event, instead.
We'll see.
A couple of years ago I went to a Team in Training info meeting.  They will train you do bike a century ride, do a marathon (running or walking), a half-marathon (same), or a tri.  But you must raise a minimum of $5,000, which goes toward cancer research.  An EXCELLENT cause, and an excellent program, but I don't know that I could raise that much money.  Maybe if I was able to advertise it at work...
OK, enough of these particular ramblings.  Let's get on to the other brain vomit for today, shall we?

I LOST MY CELL PHONE!!!!!!  The other day!  I re-traced all my steps, called all the places I'd been, and nothing.  Nada.  Zip.  It's gone.  Now, I'm not one of those folks whose ear is constantly glued to her phone, or is ALWAYS texting. It's not a smartphone, I don't send email on it or surf the web.  There are no apps.  It was free from the company with a 2-year contract. I hardly ever use it.  But it DID have all my contact numbers, and, the worst part, a whole bunch of pix and vids of the kids!  AND my nephew, from when he was a little bald baby dude!
I'm REALLY hoping that it's in the house somewhere, buried under all the schmutz.  I put a temporary block on the number, so if someone DID find it they couldn't use it.  And I ordered new phones for myself and Hubby.  And THIS time, any photo I take will be emailed DIRECTLY to my computer!!!!!

Last night we took the kids ice skating again, and WG is doing so much better!  LG is going to be whizzzing around that rink on his own in a few weeks.  I also found my old skates (from 1996) and had them sharpened.  Good as new!  Oh, and my mom, who was visiting, bought LG his first pair of roller skates!  (He used to have the little plastic ones you snap onto your shoes.  He liked to put them on after his bath, and go naked-empty-bathtub-skating.  Points for creativity!  He would also climb up the outside of the stairs, naked, and call it "wock cwimbing!") So once the ground dries up (it rained A LOT the past couple of days) we're gonna take him out to skate.  He also tried a scooter in the store, and loved it.  Maybe for his birthday in July...

Ok, so I was gonna write something about food, but even I'm sick of hearing about it, so I won't.  Instead, I'm going to take the kids out and enjoy the sunshine.

Have a great weekend!

(P.S., I'm starting a new mat class on Monday!  It's for teachers and staff at the PJCC school!)

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