Wednesday, January 7, 2009

NOW I'm Pissed!!!!!

Two things happened this morning that have got me seriously steamed. And it's only 8:30!!!!
First, I came downstairs to the dulcet tones of Ann Coulter on the morning tunes. And by "dulcet tones" I mean "nails on a chalkboard."
Sorry, but I despise that person. She may be booksmart, but in other ways she's an idiot. Today she said that many of society's problems stem from single motherhood. Right. Last year she said Jews should be Christians, because Christians are "complete," while Jews are not. OK. And, of course, there was her famous quote about the 911 widows, "I've never seen a group of women who enjoyed wodowhood so much." Yeah. Whatev, assh**e! Oh, and she's worried about Obama because his middle name is Hussein. She said we'd never elect a candidate whose middle name was "Hitler." OK. But guess what? Hussein is a common name in other parts of the world. (That's right, Ms. Coulter, there ARE other parts of the world!) That's kinda like saying we shouldn't elect someone with the middle name "Smith." Sorry, but the implication here is that she believes he's a terrorist.
Sorry for the language. I know she aims to be outrageous and succeeds, but I still hate her. I'm not sure why she gets under my skin so much. I can watch Bill 'Riley (if I must) without wanting to throttle him. Much. But he's so arrogant and idiotic that it's hard for me to take him seriously. (Plus, he has said himself that it's an act!)
But Ms. Coulter? I guess it's because, for all her antics and outrageousness, I think she honestly believes what she says. In the 90's she said that all Muslim-Americans should either convert to Christianity or be killed. And on a deep level, I think she meant it. I think she truly believes that Jews are "incomplete."
And I gotta say, her defensiveness, when anyone dares to challenge her (which they do when she appears anywhere other than Fox No-News Network) is just plain grating.
Look, I believe in and support her right to speak and to publish her books. I have the right not to listen or read. I don't read her books, and I should know better than to listen to her when she speaks. I'm not trying to stifle others' voices. I'm just trying to figure out my reaction to them. And I've learned that when certain people talk, I need to stop listening.
[BTW, I have a similar reaction to Keith Olberman (sp?). I liked him on ESPN, but MAN! Talk about arrogant and annoying! If he's on, I have to leave. My hatred is non-partisan lol!]
I guess a big issue for me is that the 24-hour news networks have turned news into talking heads spewing their opinions as fact, and being smarmy in the process. It has turned the news into tabloid fodder.
Seriously, if it weren't for "Sesame Street," baseball, Food Network, and "Doctor Who," I'd get rid of the TV.
Maybe I should anyway. (I found myself watching the last 45 minutes of "The Biggest Loser" last night! Help!)
OK, so the other thing that got to me was a comment on Charlotte's blog. She wrote an amazing, incredibly brave post that will help more people than she can possibly know. And one person, posting anonymously, accussed her of man-bashing.
Why is it that when women speak out, stand up for ourselves, we are bashing an entire gender? There are some men who do horrible things to other people, and some of those people are women. And vice-versa! Are we supposed to keep quiet when someone hurts us in order to spare other peoples' feelings? Excuse me, but what fu**ing century are we living in?!?!?!
HOW DARE that person say that to her?!?! How dare he?!?!?! Yes, I'm asssuming it's a he. I could be wrong, but I doubt it.
Let me also say that I'm married to an amazing man. He gives me hope for the future. Yesterday there was a horrible story about 4 guys (2 of whom are young teens) who taunted, car-jacked, and gang-raped and a young lesbian. My husband got angry, and he was genuinely upset about it. Because he cares about people. Because that kind of crap makes him sick. Because he's a good person.
I believe that the number of good people in this world far outweigh the bad. I also believe that good people do bad things, and vice-versa. As much as we try to simplify our lives and the world around us, we are complicated creatures.
OK. Gotta try and calm down now. My hands are shaking as I type this.
I'm not trying to offend anyone here. But this blog is my outlet, and I needed to get some stuff off my chest.
Maybe I'll go back on YouTube and look at puppies.


Charlotte said...

Thanks for intervening on my behalf Alyssa! I don't know if you've noticed but that stupid "anonymous" (seriously, why be such a chicken? Get a username!) has been leaving snarky nasty little comments on each of my posts for a while now. But today's was def. obnoxious. I was going to say something to him but then I didn't because a) I already put the disclaimer on the original post knowing he was going to cry foul and b) all of my sweet, darling commenters like you stepped in on my behalf and said it better than I could have! So thank you for your support - I really needed to hear what you wrote in your comment. You give me more strength than you will ever know:)

PS> Your rant about Ann Coulter just made me remember all over again why I don't like talk radio. She's the poster child for evil polemics.

Crabby McSlacker said...

I'm totally with you on both counts! Ann Coulter and Charlotte's anonymous on the same day would have me fleeing for puppy videos too!

azusmom said...

Charlotte, I've noticed that anonymous idiot before, and I think he's a massive coward, as well as being just plain stupid. I have to wonder why he even bothers to read your blog! He seems to be actively looking to be offended. (And if that's the case, maybe he should just look at himself; he's pretty offensive.)
I love your blog, and you are amazing!!!!!

And speaking of love, Crabby! You're pretty awesome, too!
I was watching some cat videos on YouTube the other day and thinking of you and The Lobster!

(Is it sad that I watch so many animal videos on YouTube? When I'm not watching "Animal Planet," that is.)