Monday, January 19, 2009

I Wanna Be a Kid Again!!!!!!

You know how you spend so much of your childhood waiting to grow up? 'Cause then no one can tell you what to do, or make you eat your broccoli, or tell you not to ride your bike at breakneck speeds down steep hills 'cause even though your brother does it, he's older and more coordinated and far less likely to actually break his neck?
OK, maybe that last one was just me.
Then of course, you DO grow up and you realize it's not all it's cracked up to be. Maybe you don't have to eat all your broccoli, but people still tell you what to do, and now you're too scared to ride your bike at breakneck speed, etc., because your health plan, if you have one, has a HUGE deductible and you simply can't afford to get hurt or sick.
Plus, you have to do things like go to work, pay bills, eat fiber-rich cereal, and get annual exams (see post below. No pun intended. Yikes!).
So, growing up isn't always what it's cracked up to be. However, having kids is the perfect excuse to act like one yourself!
Case in point: today we went to Chrissy Field, which is right on the Bay. There's even a beach, which we took the kids (and the dog, and my mother) to. I spent quite a bit of tome playing "I'm gonna getcha" with my son, and it was really fun!
Then I saw a kid with a Big Wheel.
Oh man, did I LOVE my Big Wheel when I was a kid! It had been my brother's, but I didn't care. I would get on that thing and go as fast as I possibly could (which, if I do say so myself, was pretty darn fast!) And it occurred to me that...
A Big WHeel!
And I want a hoppity horse, and a hula hoop!
OK, we actually have a hula hoop. What I want is the ability to use it again! 'Cause I tried it recently and, well, I totally suck.
Sale with jumping rope. As a kid, I could jump rope for hours. For a while, it was my main source of transportation: I didn't walk or run down the street, I skipped rope.
Now? If I want to jump rope during a workout, I have to do it minus the actual rope. Otherwise I get tangled up and fall over.
Pathetic, really.
After the jumprope, I learned how to cartwheel. And to hang from my knees on the jungle gym. I think i spent more time upside-down as a kid than right-side up. I can still do a cartwheel, but now I get dizzy.
I want my kid abilities back! To run for hours and not get tired! To ride my bike anywhere and everywhere I wanted! To cartwheel down the street!
Sometimes being a grownup really stinks.


Charlotte said...

Sometimes I'll have dreams of being 12 again and just doing back handspring after back handspring after back handspring. I like to think that is partly what heaven will be like - all those kid abilities back and yet the adult sensibility to enjoy them;)

Crabby McSlacker said...

I miss my old stingray bike... which would probably actually be a huge pain to ride, but at the time I loved it! And playgrounds... I'd always get really excited to get to go to a playground.

I'm generally happier being a grown up, but certain things were just more fun when I was little.

azusmom said...

Charlotte, I think you're absolutely right. That's what Heaven is!

Crabby, I'm also happier as an adult, but I'd like to be as twisty/bendy as I used to be.
Stringray bikes! There's a shoutout from the past!)