Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Yesterday was amazing! I'm not gonna get all political up in here, but it was an incredible event.
40 years ago my parents stood near the Lincoln Memorial and listened to Martin Luther King Jr. give his "I Have a Dream" speech. They were young reporters covering the event, but they were also supporters. Yesterday my mom watched the first African-American president take the oath of office, not far from where Dr. King spoke, from the comfy confines of a nice warm house in Northern California.
Dad, wherever he is, was also watching. I'd like to think he and Dr. King were watching together, along with everyone who fought for this moment but didn't live to see it happen.

On a different note, I'd also like to point out something Meg Cabot wrote about on her blog. If I may quote:
"Do you know what I'm really excited about?
Little girls! Moving into the White House!
There are going to be play dates! And slumber parties! Light As a Feather/Stiff As a Board in the Lincoln Bedroom! It's going to be SUPERFUN!!!"

So cool! And the Bush twins showed the Obama girls, on their first visit to the White House, the best banister to slide down. (The Bush girls were only 7 when their grandad took office.)
Add a puppy to the mix, and you have change in the White House. (Maybe changing the carpets, lol!)

So yes, I'm excited. In many ways, on so many levels. In fact, I'm so excited I may need a nap! (Good thing I got my blood drawn yesterday for that thyroid test, lol!)

Take care, everyone.

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