Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Oy to the Vey!

*NOTE:  The first part of this post was written a week ago.

I imagine it would come as no surprise to say that I am something of a luddite.  I STILL can't post a video or photo on this blog, unless I do it from my phone.  And even then...
Last night it took me 2 1/2 hours to email photos I'd taken with my iPad.  Of course, the iPad wouldn't let me email directly, so I had to go to my mobile email app, attach the photos a few at a time, email them to myself, and THEN email them to my coworkers.  And in the middle of THAT, our wireless, which has been faithful for months, went out.  I was finally able to run a diagnostic & get it going again, but it's a wonder I'm not bald from tearing my hair out.
Finally, one of my coworkers didn't get the photos, so after I taught my Pilates class this morning I sent them again.  So far so good, knock on wood.

Later today I have to create a spreadsheet.  I'm worried the computer is simply going to blow itself up when I do.

Watched the Emmys on Sunday.  Mainly to see if "Sherlock" or "Luther" would win anything.  Of course they didn't.  Most of the Emmy voters have probably never heard of either show.
I'm SO GLAD not to be in L.A. anymore!!!!!!  Have I mentioned that?

On a more positive note, I can feel my inner creativity beast (which, in my mind, looks like an 8-foot  muppet monster created by the Henson Company) is waking up. I find myself having far less patience with brain-killing content (like reality shows, entertainment magazines, or anything with the name "Kardashian" attached to it) and craving more of the good stuff.  Just as the body needs its vitamins and veggies, the brain needs things it can figuratively chew on, as well.  And let me tell ya, being prepared to answer a barrage of questions about Shakespeare from a group of 41 4th-8th graders will wake the mind up, pronto!  It's like a cold bucket of water inside the ol' noggin!

*OK, back to real time!

Right now, I have the entire house to myself!  Except for the dog.
This NEVER happens!  Not with 9 people living here, 2 of whom are retired.  But my S-I-L and nephew are visiting from Hawaii, so everyone who isn't working or in school is out doing...stuff. I don't know what..
I don't care!  It's QUIET!!!!!
Of course, I have an appointment in an hour, and they'll probably be back by then, but I've had 90 minutes of pure, unadulterated ME time.

Because this house is LOUD.  And sometimes a body just needs some quiet.

To find it I've been spending quite a bit of time at the cafe.  Drinking strong coffee and writing.  Which is NOT a bad way to spend the time!
I figure I've earned it.  I've had very little time to just sit and relax over the last 20 years.  I work a lot.  I have kids.  So when I have the chance, I am going to take it.  And milk it.  Like a poor, neglected cow that's been lactating for weeks.

I've also gone back, again, to my Slim Series/Slim in 6 DVDs.  They challenge me without my having to either work out for hours at a time or bounce around a lot, which I'm sure the folks on the second floor (including my 5 month-old niece) appreciate.

And then pleaseohpleaseohplease, it's back to the computer, back to Excel, and back to getting these #$&*-ing spreadsheets done!

To be fair, they never taught us this in drama school!

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Geosomin said...

"milk it like a poor, neglected cow that's been lactating for weeks."
That made me laugh out loud :)
I'm so glad you're getting some time to recharge...