Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Just finished an hourlong walk around a nearby reservoir.  I only did a bit over 3 miles, but much of it was uphill.  Plus, I was carrying a backpack.  That counts for something, right?  :)
It's very woodsy there, and there was a family of deer having lunch by the trail.
It's also RIGHT on top of the San Andreas fault, so it's never dull...
I have the day off today.  Spent some time at the bookstore and realized I may be (gasp!) losing my taste for my froofy-girly-coffee drinks.  I may actually prefer my iced soy lattes (made with unsweetened soy milk and VERY strong coffee) with a bit of stevia mixed in to the mochafrappawhippedcreamsugarbombs.

Whoulda thunk it?!?!

I AM trying to cut down on sugar, dairy, and gluten.

In other news, it is HAWT here today!   It feels like summer.  And summer kinda felt like fall.
I'm so confused.
But that may be due to the fact that I had four hours of sleep last night, and I'm starting to feel a little punchy. I figure it's about 5 more hours until I can convince the kids to go to bed.  In the meantime, there are baths to be given, dinner to be prepared, and a presidential debate which I will sort-of watch (tuning in for a minute or two here and there) like I did the VP debate last week.
Because they make me nervous.

Have I mentioned how much I HATE election years?
The good thing is I watch a lot less TV than I used to, so I'm not inundated with campaign ads. The bad news is my F-I-L is a news junkie, so the TV downstairs is on cable news. All.  Flippin'. Day.  When I go downstairs to make dinner I wear my headphones and listen to music so I don't have to hear the talking heads.

Yes, I have issues.
But don't worry, I'm in therapy.

And in still more...other...news..., I have a new workout buddy!  It's Hubby!!!!!  Last Friday I met him at his workplace and we went for a hike during his lunch break.  The VA clinic is right by Fort Miley/Land's End, which overlooks the Pacific, has great walking trails, and leads one to a gorgeous view of the Golden Gate Bridge. And he is, as you may know, quite athletic, so he knows all the fun trails.  We're meeting again on Thursday. I'm hoping it can be a weekly thing.
'Cause you know what they say about the couple that hikes together.
They...um...see lots of great stuff...outside.
(Like the fuzzy caterpillar we saw last week!!!!!)
I also broke down and ordered a new set of yoga DVDs.  Since I can't get to the studio, I'll bring the studio to me. I'm going to try to do those 3 days a week.  They're only 20-35 minutes, but they're pretty intense. I figure that's pretty doable.  Combine those with my walks/hikes, and the occasional swim/bike ride, and I will be a happy camper.

OK.  Off to cook dinner for the kiddos.
Have a good one!


Crabby McSlacker said...

Oh shoot, hope you get some sleep.

But wow, that's great about the Hubby Hikes, sounds like a perfect combo of exercise and companionship!

And know that area a little but never found all the trails; what spectacular views!

Geosomin said...

I'm glad you're getting out for hikes together. J and I love to hike together. It's a great way to spend time together...and be outside :)