Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Updated Update

We're moving June 17th.

Saw some footage from the BAFTAs  yesterday (British Academy of Film & Television Awards) and Matt Smith & Benedict Cumberbatch presented an award to Stephen Moffat.
There's a reason someone coined the term "Nerdgasm."

After watching the season finale of "Sherlock," I'm going on Netflix and watching the episodes I missed from the 1st season.  Which is making me very happy, as they are SOOOOOOOO good! And seeing as the next episodes won't air until sometime next year (and, um, haven't actually been written yet), these will have to tide me over.
(BTW: Benedict Cumberbatch is currently filming the next "Star Trek" movie.  I am a happy, happy girl! And there's an interview in which he sings a line from "Willy Wonka."  Be still my gooey, melty heart!  Sooo sweet!)

OK, so I just finished an online chat with a guy I knew in high school.  Whom I had a bit of a crush on :)  Turns out, guess what? he had a crush on me, too.  Neither one of us knew it, and we were both too afraid to act on it. Makes me wonder how different high school could have been...
But, of course, things happen, or don't, for a reason.
But it's funny: he was a cool guy: way too cool, I thought, for me.  He was personable and so nice, and was involved in drama. Which took guts.  But he didn't seem to care what other people thought.
Or so it seemed.  Turns out he thought I was out of HIS league!!!!!!!  I NEVER would have imagined, in a million years, ANYONE thinking that about me!
I must admit, it's quite flattering, lol!

I'm also realizing what a miracle Hubby is to me.  He loves me no matter what.  Fat or thin, happy or sad (or pissed, or cranky...)  Isn't that amazing?
And, of course, our kids.
Our angels.  Because they are just that, even in the middle of a meltdown. :)

There's a reason certain shows, or books, or actors, etc. appeal to me.  Or to anyone.  There's something in them that speaks to something in us.  It's different for everyone.  I get curious about what that is. So, yes, I analyze it.  Maybe OVERanalyze it.  But, heck, it's FUN!!!!!

And I TOTALLY understand the urge to write fan fiction.
Not that I have.

'Nighty-night, everyone!


The Merry said...

Congrats on getting the update settled!

You wanna talk Sherlock? Fine. Let's start with the riding crop. ;)

azusmom said...

Oh yes, let's!