Monday, May 7, 2012


The clam is off the foot...repeat: the clam is off the foot!
My buddy is mollusk-free.  He's still limping, but he's moving MUCH better, and hopefully will be 100% soon. He still won't let me too close, but, well, he's a DUCK.  The closest we ever got was when I was taking, apparently, too much time to feed him, so he thwapped me on my foot with the underside of his beak.  Wish I'd gotten it on camera!
I'm sure gonna miss him when we move.
I wonder how my in-laws would feel about a pet duck...?

In other news. I'm doing a 2-week yoga detox (daily yoga, various daily smoothies, and food with no preservatives).  Today is day one, and it's fairly mellow.
Um, partly 'cause it's yoga.
But also because it doesn't demand I do 6 hours of yoga a day in a steam room on a mountaintop (not really possible, I know) and live on carrot juice for 14 days.  'Cause that wouldn't be a detox, that would be the beginning of a murder spree.
I'm also doing an oldie-but-goodie workout, Callanetics.  Yup, I've got the 1987, transferred-to-DVD, original workout in all its leotard, spandex, leg-warmered glory!  I also have an updated version.  And let me tell ya, it may look serene, but it is EXHAUSTING!  Granted, I usually combine it with another workout, but still...

Because of my Tennis Elbow (which I STILL find really weird!), I can't really lift heavy weights just yet.  So I'm focusing on lighter weights/higher reps.  So along with Callanetics I've pulled out all my Barre-inspired DVDs.  I always forget how much I love them until I do them again.  And, apparently, they're all the rage right now.  I mean, heck, those male dancers do barre work every day, and they can lift the female dancers over their heads!  OK, the women don't weigh much, but still...
And I'm still Spinning, 'cause it's so much fun.
I must say my elbow is feeling SO much better.  I did yoga today without a brace.  I may add it back on tomorrow, but I felt pretty strong.

Finally, let me just say R.I.P, Adam Yauch.  The Beastie Boys are one of the best groups of the past 30 years, and you will be missed.  Especially the wisdom and compassion you cultivated over the past 20+ years.  Thank you for speaking out fro human rights, for Womens' rights, and for being an all-around stand-up guy.

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