Monday, June 4, 2012

Moving, Monsters, and Madness.

I just got my ticket to see "Frankenstein" at our local movie theater. It's the National Theater production, directed by Danny Boyle, with Johnny Lee Miller and (be still my theater-geek heart!) Benedict Cumberbatch.  The two switched off roles, with one playing Dr. Frankenstein and the other the Monster, then switching the next night. It was filmed live last year and is being shown at movie theaters, which is SUCH a great thing! (Next week is "The Teampest" with Christopher Plummer [!!!!!!!!], which I'd really like to see, but it's 3 days before the move.)

Guess which version I'm going to see?
(Actually, I'd LOVE to see both, but I have to work the first night.)
If you're interested, it's being shown around the world this Wednesday and Thursday at 7 PM.  You can find a list of theaters on the National Theatre website.

We're progressing on the move.  More and more stuff is being tossed, donated, or relocated. And, although I will miss my duck pal, I'm looking forward to having the move over and done with, getting settled, and having a fresh start.
I believe I mentioned that at the Shakespeare workshop I was at a few weeks ago I met up with a woman who was at the theater company at the same time I was, and that she's now running a Shakespeare program here at which I also worked, 12 years ago: small world! (And if you read that sentence once and were able to follow it, Bravo, lol!)
Anyway, we're going to get together and talk about the possibility of my teaching one of the workshops in the Fall. I'm also releasing my Thursday afternoon Pilates class at the Community Center.  It's a great class, with lovely clients, but I needed to figure out if it was worth it to drive from the new house in rush hour traffic to teach for 45 minutes, and drive back.  I don't think it is.
I also, truly, want to get back more into teaching the way I used to.  Not just doing a 10-week, once-a-week, residency that ends in a cute little show, but work that is really meaningful for me and, more importantly, for the students. I want to teach Shakespeare again.
I think I'm ready.

I'm still working the Emotional Brain Training program.  It's very helpful.  I also got a prescription for anti-anxiety meds, to be used as needed.  Just knowing they're there has a calming effect all it's own.  The human brain is a wondrous thing!
Over the past few years I've been hearing about changing the world by changing ourselves. And I really believe it.  If I react to stress by screaming and throwing things, for example, I'm going to scare my kids AND teach them that THAT is the way to react.  If I can change my own reactions, they'll learn something else.  Hopefully, something better and more productive and more conducive to their own health..  Because they learn a whole hell of a lot more from what I do than from what I say. Especially being such intuitive little creatures! And if I change the way I react to someone, it will also change the way they react to me.

This morning in yoga class, I had to take a few breaks AGAIN.  I was very tired and REALLY anxious, and quite sad.  But, once again, when I let go and just accepted that I needed to take a break, everything went more smoothly.  I could come back and get the benefits of the class.
I also reminded myself, later, that I didn't need a second workout today.  That, in fact, it would probably be counter-productive.  My body was telling me something, and I needed to listen.
Twice-a-day workouts, IMHO, are a once-in-a-while thing, not an everyday thing.  Unless one is an Olympic athlete.
Which I most definitely am not.
Unless they have a category for Worrying.  Then I'd DEFINITELY get the gold, lol!

Finally, I think, being anxious and premenstrual, I needed a good cry today.  And I gave it to myself by watching the last couple of scenes of "The Reichenbach Fall" from "Sherlock" again.  Talk about tearing your heart out, geez!  :)  Watching it online, as opposed to on the teeny-weeny-tiny-oonsy-woonsy TV we have in our bedroom, allows me to notice more details.  Like the tear that falls off of Sherlock's chin when he's talking to Watson on the phone, standing on the roof.  Which sent me into my bawl-fest, thankyouverymuch. And then Watson's voice when he says *SPOILER ALERT!* "Don't be dead."
Oy to the vey!
As one online commenter put it, "This show has wrecked my heart and ruined my life.  Y'know, in a good way!"


'Night all!

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