Sunday, June 24, 2012

I's Been One Week

Since you looked at me, dropped your hands to your sides & said "You're crazy..."

OK, life is not a Barenaked Ladies song, as much as we sometimes may wish it were.  But it HAS been a week since we moved, and things are settling.  We still have a good bit of our lives in boxes, crates, and bags, but the kids are settling in and we got the pool set up today.  It's about 2 1/2 feet deep, 12 feet in diameter, and we had to drag them out after 3 hours when their lips turned blue.
Yesterday LG nearly set the house on fire trying to make microwave popcorn, and this morning WG upended the contents of the dogs' water bowl onto the kitchen floor. So they're making themselves right at home.
Oh, and we have our cable set up.

The only loose end right now is WG's school.  She went to the district summer school class one day last week, and I observed for a while.  She enjoyed it, the teacher is great, but it is ABSOLUTELY the WRONG placement for her!  All the other kids are verbal, for one thing.  It doesn't have the kind on one-on-one attention she desperately needs right now,  and it is simply too advanced for her.  Case in point: the teacher handed out pencils, paper, and sunflower seeds, then had he kids put 3 seeds on the paper.  She then told them to take away 1 seed and write down how many they had left.  WG cannot do ANY of that! The classroom aid had to do it all for her.  There's no point in having her stay in a class like that.  I just hope the district realizes it and agrees to allow her to stay at her current school.  If not, I'll have to invoke the "Stay Put" rule, then bring a lawyer to all of her IEPs.  Which would suck.  But I'll do it if I have to.
I just HATE this waiting!!!!!!!! It makes me feel powerless!
The good news is that LG seems to be enjoying his class.  He sang a solo in class the other day  :) :) :) :), and I think his placement for the Fall will be PERFECT!
Have I written this before?  If so, forgive me.  I's been a heck of a week.  Right after the move I got sick as a dog. Feeling MUCH better now, thankfully!  I hate being sick.  I become even more of a wuss than usual.

Yesterday I was able to teach my mat class, then I went for a nice (mostly uphill) walk through the neighborhood. Tonight we're celebrating my in-laws' wedding anniversary, which was Friday.  AND, it's my brother and S-I-L's anniversary today.

The other day I heard that The National Theatre's "Frankenstein" will be screening more throughout the summer.  I REALLY want to see the reverse casting.  I'm also holding out hope for a DVD release one day...
Who, me?  Obsessive?

 OK, I'm back.  Took a break to watch "The Newsroom."  EXTREMELY well done, and will now be my regular Sunday night viewing.  Aaron Sorkin, Emily Mortimer AND Sam Waterston?  Count me in!

Anyway.  gotta go bathe.  Have I mentioned the jacuzzi tub in the last few posts?

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Geosomin said...

jacuzzi? ooh. Nice.
I'm glad things are settling in slowly. :)