Saturday, June 16, 2012

We're Heeeeeeere!

Our first night as full-time residents in our new home!  Hubby and I will go back to the old place tomorrow to get the last of our things & clean up, but we're sort-of-officially moved in.  Granted, there are boxes, bags & bins all over the place, but the kids are tucked into bed, the dog is outside (it's REALLY hot out tonight!), and our computer is linked to the new wireless, so it's pretty much settled.
Earlier I went for a walk and was very enthusiastically greeted by, first, a golden retriever, and later by a yellow lab.  I think it's a good omen.
LG starts summer school on Monday (!), and hopefully we'll know whether WG is able to stay put within a few days.  Of course, I'm going to invoke the "Stay Put" rule if need be, but I'm hoping that won't be necessary.  I'm looking to have as good a relationship with this school district as we had with the last one.
(I've already them with cookies.  I have no shame!)

I must say I'm really happy to be here!  We took a last swim in our old pool today (very crowded due to the heat), and I cannot wait until we get our own pool. Granted, it's a 3-4 foot inflatable, but it'll be ours!  I've ALWAYS wanted a pool, and now we have a secure, gated area to put one in!
As we were leaving we had the kids say goodbye to the old house.  LG got really sad, but when we got here he said "This is our new home."  It'll take a while, but I think he understands and is trying to accept it.
(WG seems VERY content, luckily!)
Then I had a good cry over the fact that soon, someone will paint over the drawings LG did on his walls when he was 5, as well as the hand prints he put on OUR wall a couple years later.

I love that we are within walking distance to just about everything:  LG's school, 2 nice parks, a downtown area with grocery stores (including Trader Joe's, YAHOO!), the post office, bank, drug store, etc.  We have a real downtown area here, and can even get to BART and Caltrain very quickly.  We're closer to the city, as well.  So if Hubby & I want to do date night, we can either walk downtown or hop the train into San Francisco.

And have I mentioned the live-in babysitters?

Right now I'm feeling pretty optimistic.  I'm almost afraid to write that, but I'm trying to start a new habit: positive thinking, lol!  Believing that good things WILL happen, and not expecting the worst.

So.  Here we are.  We're waiting for an overly-excited WG to get tired and fall asleep, and then we can follow suit.
Hopefully that will happen soon.  Mommy's tired!  :)

G'night, all.
Sweet dreams!

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Geosomin said...

I'm glad the move is settling down and things are slowly finding their space. It sounds like your new home has a lot of good going for it. I'm glad.

And hey - no shame in the cookie bribery. It works! I plan on doing it at my thesis defence :)