Monday, May 30, 2011

Thank You!!!!!

To all our servicemen and women.  To all the vets.  To those who gave their lives.  To all the families, who sacrifice so much.  We can never thank you enough.

My grandfather served on the S.S. Lake Champlain in the Pacific theater during WWII.  My dad volunteered in the army for 6 months.  And, well, was politely asked NOT to re-enlist.  Something about misplacing a tank with two other soldiers in it near Fort Knox...
(They were found.  Eventually. Safe and sound.)

2 days a year to recognize you all isn't nearly enough.  Words aren't enough.

But I'll say them again, anyway.

Thank you!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I Didn't Really Think I'd Be Saying This, But...

I miss performing.
I've said it.

More specifically, I miss being onstage, preferable in a Shakespeare play, with a group of terrific, experienced actors, all of us (including the audience) having a grand old time.
In other words, the polar opposite of many of my acting experiences in L.A., unfortunately.

But I've been thinking a lot lately about creativity, and what it means to me.  I'm not a good visual artist (stick figures are about all I can manage on a good day), I don't knit or crochet, and I believe I've mentioned my utter lack of sewing skills (*cough* sewing the sleeve of a shirt to ITSELF when I tried to sew a patch on*cough*).  I'm an OK singer, but I get ridiculously nervous when I have to sing in front of others (unless I'm singing in a show). Dancing?  Fuhgeddaboutit!  I've mentioned the electrocuted-giraffe-like flailing, right?
I can take a decent, basic picture.  I can't design anything; heck, I can barely manage to put together a decent outfit.
But acting?  THAT I can do.  Or could.  I'm sure if I tried it now I'd be very rusty.  And improvisation.  I'm quite good at that, as well.
I've been wondering if maybe I should try sticking a toe back in that particular swimming hole.  Not professionally; I'm not sure I could do that again, just maybe doing some readings or going to some casual improv workout groups.
Because I've been feeling a little, well, stifled, creatively.  I enjoy teaching Pilates, but it's not quite the same.  I enjoyed teaching the drama class (except when I didn't enjoy it, lol!), but it wasn't really MY class.  I had very little to do with the curriculum, the show as it was written, or even the class structure.  Which was fine, as it was my first year teaching there and my first time teaching after nearly 7 years.  And I'm still planning on taking that psych class in the fall, to see if drama therapy might be my thing.
But there's that small, niggling feeling, growing a bit bigger as time goes on.  A voice in the back of my mind that won't be ignored anymore, telling me to go out and do something fun.  Something I enjoyed SO MUCH for such a long time, until the Biz sucked all the enjoyment out of me.
I guess I'm feeling a bit resentful, as well: I resent the fact that I was prevented fro  doing something I loved so much, something I trained for, sometimes literally bled for (darn those wooden set pieces!), because of the way I look.  Because I wasn't ultra-skinny and 22 when I lived in L.A., I was denied the thing I most wanted to do.  If it were (almost) any other business, I could have sued.  But because of the nature of it, and because of the product being put out (good looks, little substance, for the most part), I was barred.
And I let myself get sucked into that mentality.  Let myself believe I DIDN'T DESERVE to work because I was too fat (which I wasn't, really), not pretty enough (puh-LEASE!  I was gorgeous back then!), didn't have the discipline to lose weight (snort! I'd just gotten my Master's degree!!!! I knew from discipline!), and on and on and on.
If I'd been stronger, maybe I could have given a giant middle finger to all the people who said I wasn't good enough, and created my own niche.  But I wasn't.  That's not a criticism, it's just the way I was back then.  And I DO believe I made the right decision to get out and focus on my kids.  After all, acting takes a LOT of work, focus, and energy, and I put all that into them. And I am damn proud of that fact!

But there are ways to be creative without being a professional, and ways to do it so that it doesn't take away from the kids.  I just need to figure out what works best for me and mine.

OK, can I rant for a moment?
I made the mistake last night of watching about 3 minutes of "Fashion Police" on "E!" last night.
BIG mistake!
I know it's supposed to be good, snarky fun, but I this REALLY what we've come to?  Criticizing Uma Thurman's ELBOWS?!?!?!?!?!  It's not enough that she's 40 (or thereabout), has kids, and still manages to be so exquisitely, ridiculously beautiful, but they have to poke fun at the fact that her ELBOWS are slightly crinkly?!?!?!?!  REALLY?!?!?!?!  What's next?  Miley's earlobes are too small?
Every time I think it might just possibly be getting better for women (I actually saw a non-anorexic woman in a commercial), something like this happens to make me despair all over again.

Le sigh.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Why Do I Do It?

Watch the occasional soap opera episode, I mean?  I've blogged about soaps before, but having had some time off the past week I've been tuning in now and again.  And they, curse them, drag me in!
But I have to say that it DOES get annoying.  I know they need to keep the plots going, but the way these characters behave!  It's like watching...reality TV!

It has, however, got me thinking (Uh oh!): with our obsession with youth culture, are we stunting our growth as a society?  One of the finalists on "American Idol" is apparently 17 years old (I don't watch).  But I'm hoping he DOESN'T win, just so he has a chance at a semi-normal life.  If you're a parent looking at the Lindseys and Britneys and Christinas, do you REALLY want that for your kid?
Let me give my theory on Christina Aguillera as an example of what is so wrong with teenage celebrity.  She's talented, no doubt.  She has a natural gift that has been apparent from the time she was a young child.  And her singing style is EXACTLY the same now, as she nears 30, as it was when she was 15.  No maturation, no added training, no new nuance.  Add to the fact that, at the ripe old age of nearly 30, she is an apparent alcoholic, divorced, and was recently arrested for public intoxication while out on the town while her son was at home with the nanny or a sitter.
Don't get me wrong; if a mom wants to have a night out she is certainly entitled, and sometimes divorce is the best option for everyone involved.  But getting sloshed, trying to drive, and getting arrested is maybe a sign that things are getting out of control.
We're obsessed with achieving "success" as soon as possible.  Forget about training, education, learning from those who have more experience than we do.  We want what we want when we want it and we think we deserve it.  Then we blame everything and everyone else when we fail spectacularly because we're not mature enough to handle it.
And then there are the reality shows.  Many of which feature people well out of their 20's and even their 30's who behave like spoiled children.  And are rewarded heavily for it.  Interviews, magazine covers, and loads of cash.  
So instead of being sued for damages after, say, knocking a table over in a restaurant or getting into a fistfight AT A CHRISTENING, they are lauded for it.
So then the pundits follow suit, followed by the politicians.  The next thing you know, we're all acting like a**holes.  We're all turning into spoiled, entitled BRATS.  And if we're not careful, it will be our downfall.

So,  THAT'S what I get from watching soaps, lol!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Still Here?

OK, yes, it's easy to make fun of the Rapture true believers, but it's actually pretty worrying to think about the ones who quit their jobs, left their families, and gave away all their money in anticipation of it.  It's also hard to know whether this Camping guy is a scam artist or just off his rocker.

(I do have to say that the line I enjoyed best about all this is "The Rapture has been delayed more times than the opening of the "Spiderman" musical.)

Aside from the Armageddon that wasn't, we also just had the (seemingly endless) farewell of Mary Hart, entertainment correspondent extraordinaire.   Yes, she's retiring after 29 years on the same show, but they're kinda acting like she's dying!  It's just creepy!
We're also in the midst of the "Oprah" farewell.  Also endless.
I've been doing my best to ignore it all. but it's not easy.  They keep talking about it on the radio, fer cryin' out loud!  Thank goodness for my Kindle: I can just read and ignore all the other crap.

Alright, enough of that.  I know what you want to read about; our epic night at the Theatre!!!!!  Well, it was DEFINITELY epic.  We dropped WG off, at which time LG started to cry and asking to go home.  SO we headed out to the freeway.
I don't know if I've mentioned this, but in the car we have a GPS system with Dissociative Identity Disorder.  Granted, the car IS 10 years old, and we haven't been able to replace the original CD-Rom, so many times it doesn't recognize the addresses we put in.   But even when it DOES, it's just...weird.  Not all the time.  Often it's straightforward and fine.  But other times, like on Friday, it will insist I take a certain route even when I know a different route makes more sense.  Then, if I follow its route, it recalcuates every time I do EXACTLY WHAT IT TELLS ME TO DO.  It will often, quite literally, send me around in circles.  And because I don't really know my way around the city, I had no choice but to follow its directions.
Seriously, it was like being guided by HAL, the computer from "2001!"  (Or the ATMOS.)  I'm just lucky it didn't eject me from the minivan, lol!
We finally arrived at Golden Gate Park (after 90 minutes!), and I found a parking space.  LG asked for "Aquarium" and "Sky movie," which is what he calls the planetarium show at the Academy of Sciences.  it's pretty amazing, since we haven't been there in a year and a half.
So we got out and started walking.  After about 10 minutes, I gave up and brought us both back to the car, needing desperately to find a space closer to the museum, as we'd be walking back after dark.  We finally found one that was closer (though not much, lol) and went in to the DeYoung.
Where there were hundreds of people, as it was it's annual "Young at Art" festival, in which students from schools all over the city perform and show off art projects.  Hubby's show was part of this: in fact, it's gotten so popular that the museum has audience members come in through a different entrance, because in past years people would decide at the last minute to go see the play rather than listen to the keynote speakers at the festival. (Not that I blame them!) (I also found out that, that same night, Davies Symphony Hall was hosting the semi-finals of the national students' poetry jam.  It was a great night for students in the arts in the city!)
So where was I?  Ah yes, the throngs of people who showed up for the festival.  It was great to see, and very exciting, but was is it about people in crowds who stop the chat in the ONLY CLEAR SPOTS IN THE ROOM, EFFECTIVELY BLOCKING EVERYONE FROM BEING ABLE TO MOVE?!?!?!?!  Normally it's not all THAT big a deal, but after the drive and parking and the headaches, I was a bit peeved.

Anyway, after a snack, we made our way to the theater and stood in line to retrieve out tickets, where we ran into some friends (very nice surprise!).
When we went in, LG spotted the drums (there was a live band for the music) and immediately made a beeline for them, which, luckily, I was able to head off at the pass.
Finally the show started.  LG was not into it at first (and was pretty tired), and said "time to go home."  But as soon as his dad appeared on stage, he perked right up.  He kept looking at me, pointing to the stage and saying "Look, there's Daddy!"  He clapped when everyone else clapped, and joined the standing ovation at the end.  He was SO GOOD!!!!!  And it was a 90-minute show!

Meanwhile, Her Majesty WG was ruling the roost at the in-laws' place.  She was sound asleep when we got there, but woke up easily when it was time to go home.  All in all, it was a highly successful outing, and I'm a very proud Mama!!!!!!

And now, I need a nap.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Best Workout, Ever!!!!!

Last night I went for a walk/play with the Hubby and kiddos.  We walked to the playground, then ran, climbed, rode scooters, played chase, shot some hoops, and a whole bunch of other fun stuff for about an hour, then walked back home.  It was SOOOOOO FUN, and a great workout, to boot.
The kids are amazing: I keep thinking back to 5 years ago, when WG was 2 1/2 and still not walking very well.  Now she climbs to the top of the play structure and flings herself over to the opposite side.  And LG still has as much energy as ever, even when it's more focused (and it usually is, thank goodness, lol!)
This morning I'm actually quite sore!  I'm also thinking we need to do that more often.  It's so easy to fall into the routine of dinner, baths, TV/reading, then bed.  Now that the days are longer, we gotta get more playtime in!  It also means more family time, which is always good.

My in'laws live right next door to an elementary school.  So when we move, we'll have a big ol' playground to take them too.  There are also fields and empty play spaces, so maybe LG can learn to ride his bike.  I'm guessing that the 3 1/2 weeks of summer vacation will be filled with trips to the playground and (hopefully) lots of swimming.  They'll be tuckered out!
And so will Mommy.
'Cause one of the things about tiring out the kids; you tire yourself out, too.  But it's a GOOD tired.  We came home last night and everyone bathed/showered, and fell into bed happy and exhausted.
And we all slept like rocks!
I think I'm still on a high from it all.  Plus, I'm taking LG to see Hubby's show tonight: it's a series of  "Short plays written by short people," as it says on the flyer.  The plays are all written by elementary school students.  It's being performed at the DeYoung Museum in Golden Gate Park.  I'll drop WG  off with the grandparents, then LG and I will drive into the city, grab some grub, and see the show.
Um, that is, if Hubby can get us tickets.  Just found out that the show is sold out.  Which is pretty cool, except for the fact that we don't have tickets yet.  Maybe they can sneak us in.  We'll see.

Finally, I have been taking it pretty easy this week.  Except for Wednesday night and tomorrow morning, I haven't been working.  I've been sitting in bed with my Kindle, or taking the dog for walks, or going out for coffee, or watching "Doctor Who" reruns.  I've even snuck in a couple of naps!  'Cause after 6 weeks without a day off , all that drama the past couple of weeks, and the show last weekend, I think I've earned it, lol!

OK, I'm off.  I'll let you know how our night at the theahtuh goes!  (Assuming the world doesn't end before I can post.)

Sunday, May 15, 2011


It is DONE!!!!!!
Yesterday I taught my Pilates class, went home to chill for a couple of hours, then headed to the synagogue, where some last-minute touches needed to be put on some of the set pieces.  Then the kids arrived, we got them ready, and before we knew it it was Go Time.  They did a GREAT job, and we packed everything up for the next one.
Which was this morning.  We all arrived at 9, which is when I learned about the awards ceremony to be held at the cast party.  Each child was to receive a water bottle in honor of their award, which we made up this morning.  (Things like "funkiest," "most suspicious," etc., mainly having to do with the plot and characters.)  I was then asked to write a poem, so I whipped up a quick limerick.  It was appreciated, but also explained to me that what was needed/desired was a poem for EACH CHILD.
All 20 of them.
So, 45 minutes before the show, I wrote 20 short limericks.
Luckily I have a knack for limericks.  Unluckily, I had to keep them squeaky-clean, which made it a bit more difficult, lol!
But it was done, the show was performed, and, again, the kids were terrific.  The awards were handed out, and we all went home.
Where I promptly crashed.

Tomorrow I'm going to check out a yoga studio in Palo Alto, one I've never been to before.  It'll be nice to drive somewhere other than the school, the grocery store, or work.  (If I don't pay attention, I'm sure my brain will go into automatic and bypass the freeway exit entirely and take me back to the synagogue.  So I've got to keep my wits about me.)  Plus, it'll be nice to be in a calm, relaxing environment with other grown-ups for a while, lol!

On an entirely different subject, for my fellow Whovians ("Doctor Who" fans):  One of the best lines EVER was spoken in last night's episode;  "Did you wish REALLY hard?"   Laughed so hard I almost cried.
Then DID start to cry when the Doctor said "I don't want you to!"
Neil Gaiman, who wrote that episode, is a freakin' GENIUS!!!!!!!!!

Anyway.  That's all the news for now.  Have a good night!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Proverbial Weight...

Has been lifted from my shoulders.  Former Client was issued a refund yesterday. It's over.  And I truly feel lighter!  I didn't realize until last night how much I'd been dreading Friday mornings.  Even though there wasn't any outright hostility until last week, there were obviously some undercurrents that I had been pushing aside.
You know the whole Law of Attraction thing?  I think there's a bit of merit to it.  To a point.  I don't believe that the entire population of Japan attracted an earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdown, for example.  But I do believe that I have attracted high-maintenance people for many years, because there was a big lesson I needed to learn (see last post).

So.  Big sigh of relief!

In other news, we have our last rehearsal today before the big show this weekend.  I think it's going to be fun.  The kids are so freakin' adorable, how could their parents, teachers and friends not love it?  It almost makes me wish I could come back in September.  But I just don't think it's going to be possible.  It wouldn't be fair to my kids, the kids in the program, or to me. This past year I bit off WAY more than I could chew, and I don't want to do that again.  Especially if I'm going back to school.

In happier news, my Kindle arrived on Tuesday.  Hubby had LG give me the package and say "Happy Mother's Day!"  He's so stinkin' cute! Just like his sister!
And I LOVE my Kindle!!!!  I have to be a bit careful, 'cause it's so easy to buy and download books.  I could get into serious trouble, lol!
The next step is to buy a protective cover so I can bring it with me and not worry too much about it getting damaged.  I might do that today.  WHEEEEEEE!!!!!!

On ANOTHER unrelated topic, I've recently been adding some more raw foods into my menu.  There are a number of raw cafes nearby, and since the weather has been so nice I find myself craving more raw stuff.  Plus, it's YUMMY!!!!  And I feel good after I eat it.  More energetic, less brain foggy.  It doesn't mean I'm gonna go all 100% raw-foodist on you or anything, I just like it.

Anyway.  I guess this post was kind of a brain-vomit: y'know, where you just write about whatever pops into your mind.  I'm just SO RELIEVED!!!!!!!  My schedule clears up in 4 days!!!!!

At which time I will either be much more alert and cognizant than I am right now, or everything will fall completely apart and I will sit in a corner, drooling.
Either way works for me!

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Good, the Bad, and the Crazy

First off, a belated happy Mother's Day to all you moms!
We had a good day here.  Hubby bought me a Kindle!!!!!!  It should arrive on Wednesday, and I am soooooo excited!!!!!!
I think part of it is self-preservation; he's in danger of being buried under the pile of books in our bedroom should we have a strong enough earthquake to send them pitching down from the precarious pile they're currently stacked in.  But I've been wanting a Kindle since they came out: at the time I figured I should wait a couple of years, until the bugs were worked out and it was less expensive.  And, voila!!!!!
At the same time he was ordering, the Dallas mavericks beat the L.A. Lakers, booting them out of the NBA championships!  WOO-HOO!!!!!!
(Remember, I grew up in Boston.  In the 80's.  During the heyday of the Celtics/Lakers rivalry.  Hatred of the Lakers is deeply ingrained; not even 9 years living in L.A could erase it.  In fact, it may have only deepened it.)
I then went to Barnes & Noble to look at all the new books I'm gonna download on my new Kindle!!!!!

Is that too materialistic of me?  Who cares? Hahahahahaha!!!!!!

Besides, after the weekend I had (and the week coming up), I needed a bit of fun. And the nicest part was when I thanked Hubby and he said "Of course!  You deserve it!"
That was awfully nice to hear.
That's the good.

On Friday there was an incident at work with one of my clients, and now there's all this drama going on.  Incident reports are being filed, emails detailing the incident are being sent, and all of it is completely unnecessary and ridiculous, and it is all the fault of one person.  Who is a client.  Or, maybe, WAS a client.
No one was hurt, but mild threats were made, emotions got out of hand, and now the executive director is involved.  I have no idea what's going to happen: all I know is that I would strongly prefer to NOT be a part of it anymore.
That's the bad AND the crazy.

Except for my boss: she ROCKS!!!!!

In other news, this is tech week for the show at the synagogue.  We have 3 rehearsals with the kids, figuring out the light and sound cues, the curtain opening and closing, costume changes, etc. The show is this coming weekend, I have classes all week, took the kids to the doctor this morning, and am trying to figure out what the heck to do about The Incident.  As of next week, for the foreseeable future (or at least the summer), I'll only be working 3 days a week and things will calm down quite a bit.  I'll be able to focus on packing, getting rid of a lot of our stuff, and getting ready to move.
I'm also going to focus on more strength training. 'Cause I'm missing my heavier weights.

Also focusing more on the fact that my body is NOT a dumping ground, either for food or emotions.  And that it is time to take a stand.  I will no longer work with this client, if I have ANY say whatsoever.

I'll let you know what happens!

Update:   As of this afternoon, I am no longer working with her.  I got an email from her asking me if I'm available to teach her at another time.

No.  No I am not.

I was also given a guilt trip this afternoon by ANOTHER member, one whom I'd just met.  Today was the last session of my Monday afternoon class, and this person was the only one to show up.  She just joined, and saw the class on the schedule.  I apologized and explained that I am not supposed to teach a class with only one participant, and gave her some options for other classes.  She then harangued me about the fact that she has two young kids (join the club) and had rescheduled her ENTIRE day in order to be able to come to the class.  Yes, a part of e felt guilty for not holding the class.  A teeny, tiny, microscopic part of me.  Most of me was just pissed.  Especially when she gave a world-weary sigh and said "Fine, I'll just go ride the bike or something."  Sorry, but it was 1:30 in the afternoon, and she had two floors of a nearly-empty gym almost all to herself.  My heart didn't bleed.  Especially today.
It may sound harsh.  Maybe it IS harsh.  But I'm done feeling badly for people who go out of their way to try and MAKE me feel badly!  Yes, you pay a membership fee.  Yes, I am an employee.  I am not your servant. And the fact is, I didn't make the rules.  And, please, DO NOT talk to me about having to schedule around 2 young kids!  You do NOT want to get into a pi**ing contest with me about THAT.
Because I will win, hands down!

The fact is, for the 3 years that I have been teaching Pilates, I have gone above and beyond to satisfy my clients.  I, and others, have twisted ourselves into pretzels with some of them, but there is NO pleasing them.  Most of the clients are WONDERFUL, but there are a few...  My boss even told me today that I am the most patient member of the staff.
That was a bit of a surprise.
But then again, I have had some HIGH-MAINTENANCE clients, and they're all still alive, lol!

On the radio today, I heard Aretha singing "Respect" TWICE.
I'm taking it as a sign.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mama Wants!!!!!!!

Ah, Spring!  When a young(ish) woman's fancy turns to...
Yes, I have a materialistic side.  Yes, I have seen a few things over the past few days that I want.  And yes, I'm thinking that once we move and can actually save a little money, I'm going to get some of them!
The first, and most important thing, is the inflatable 15x30 ft. (and 4 ft-deep) pool for the kids.  We NEED it for August, when the weather's hot, the kids are on vacation, and we no longer have access to the pool here.  I can't handle both kids at once at a crowded public pool, and I think WG would be too overwhelmed.

Second, an indoor swing.  It attaches to a door frame, doesn't cost much, and has 3 different swing attachments.  The kids' occupational therapist has one, and they both LOVE it!  It helps them to self-regulate, and it is awesome.

Finally, I have found the Holy Grail for Pilates: a home reformer that is compact, inexpensive, and not flimsy!!!!!  I first read about it in a review in a Pilates magazine (yes, they do exist, lol!) and they gave it a great review.  For a long time I have been thinking about someday owning a reformer and maybe even doing private trainings at home.  And maybe, just maybe, it will soon be time to do just that.

Other than that, our money will go toward rent, the kids' futures, and the occasional dinner out for Hubby and me.  Oh, and my classes, should I decide to continue after this Fall.
But it'll be SO NICE to NOT have to pour everything we make right back into the house.  To not live month-to-month.  To be able to have a savings account with actual savings in it, and the peace of mind that comes with all of it.

Anyway, that's it.  Now I can go back to my yoga, meditation, and veggie burger.  'Night!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What A Weekend!!!!!!

We started it with a royal wedding, and ended with the assassination of one of the most evil people in recent history.
Today seems downright dull, by comparison!

I did see a little bit of the wedding as it happened.  I'd woken up at 3:20 (insomnia strikes again) and figured I may as well watch.  They were already wed at that point, and singing some hymns.  After about 20 minutes I decided to try and go back to sleep, as I had to teach 2 hours of Pilates in the morning and wanted to be, y'know, conscious for it.
So I turned on BBC America when I got home, before I had to pick up the kids, and watched the replay.

And cried through the whole darn thing!

Honestly, I REALLY don't know why.  It's not as if I know them, or have even met them.  Sure, my friend Maria dragged me into Boston with her one day in the 80's, all gussied up, because Prince Charles was paying a visit to the Burberry store on Newbury St. and she wanted to catch a glimpse but didn't want to go alone.  Since she was my partner in "Doctor Who" geekdom, I went along.  Yes, I was her enabler in her fascination with all things Windsor.
We did catch that glimpse, though.  She was holding an enormous bouquet of flowers that security wouldn't allow her to give him.  I think he stepped out of the limo and saw this poor 15 year-old holding flowers, looking slightly dejected, and took some pity on her, giving her a look right in the eyes & letting her snap a photo before being hustled into the store.
But that, and nearly getting trampled by the Queen's guard in Hyde Park at the age of 10, having just watched the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace and walking along not paying ANY attention to what was in front of me, is as close to the royal family as I've ever gotten.

So WHY the tears?

I guess I'm just getting soft.

And I got TOTALLY sucked in to the whole thing: from the dress to the cute bridesmaids/dudes, to Harry sneaking a peek as she walked the aisle, to the cheer that went up after the Archbishop announced they were married, to the kisses on the balcony (and the little girl covering her ears and scowling during the flyover), and especially the two of them driving in Charles' Aston Martin convertible.  I cried from the moment she walked down the aisle with a death grip on her dad's hand 'til the moment they left for the reception.  Luckily that left me 45 minutes to get a hold of myself before I had to drive to the school.

But I think I also cried a bit for Diana.  She was, what, 36 when she died?  Leaving her beloved boys behind.   I, like pretty much everyone else, would like to think she had a front-row seat to the wedding.  But, as a mom, I kept thinking about her not being there to watch her sons become the men they are now.  I imagine she would, and does, take great pride in them, and would heartily approve of Kate and also of the time she and William have spent getting to know each other. But one of my greatest fears, and that of any parent, is dying before my kids are adults.

I actually had a dream about it last night, in which I discovered that I am actually an android.  That the real Alyssa had died from cancer, but before doing so, had built and programmed an android to have all of her memories and feelings.  To the point that I, as the android, believed I WAS her.
And I was happy, because it meant that I wouldn't die.  Not this version of me, anyway.  I would stay alive for as long as my kids were alive, and then I'd be de-programmed when I was no longer needed.  And I was so relieved!!!!!!
(I also thought, upon awakening, that this would make a pretty cool science fiction short story! So if you're reading this, DON'T STEAL MY IDEA, lol!!!!!!!!!!!!)

But back to the wedding for a sec: there was one teeny-tiny moment, as I listened to the Archbishop of  Canterbury, that I half expected him to break out with "Mawwiage.  Mawwiage is what bwings us togethew today.  A Cewebwation of twue wove.  So tweasuwe youw wove!"
Because "The Princess Bride" has just RUINED it for me, lol!

Anyway.  I'm not going to get into the OTHER Big Event, because it's just too much, and I'm kinda tired.  So I will leave you to think of your favorite lines from "The Princess Bride" (mine are too many to count) as I start dinner for the urchins.

Have fun storming the castle!