Sunday, May 15, 2011


It is DONE!!!!!!
Yesterday I taught my Pilates class, went home to chill for a couple of hours, then headed to the synagogue, where some last-minute touches needed to be put on some of the set pieces.  Then the kids arrived, we got them ready, and before we knew it it was Go Time.  They did a GREAT job, and we packed everything up for the next one.
Which was this morning.  We all arrived at 9, which is when I learned about the awards ceremony to be held at the cast party.  Each child was to receive a water bottle in honor of their award, which we made up this morning.  (Things like "funkiest," "most suspicious," etc., mainly having to do with the plot and characters.)  I was then asked to write a poem, so I whipped up a quick limerick.  It was appreciated, but also explained to me that what was needed/desired was a poem for EACH CHILD.
All 20 of them.
So, 45 minutes before the show, I wrote 20 short limericks.
Luckily I have a knack for limericks.  Unluckily, I had to keep them squeaky-clean, which made it a bit more difficult, lol!
But it was done, the show was performed, and, again, the kids were terrific.  The awards were handed out, and we all went home.
Where I promptly crashed.

Tomorrow I'm going to check out a yoga studio in Palo Alto, one I've never been to before.  It'll be nice to drive somewhere other than the school, the grocery store, or work.  (If I don't pay attention, I'm sure my brain will go into automatic and bypass the freeway exit entirely and take me back to the synagogue.  So I've got to keep my wits about me.)  Plus, it'll be nice to be in a calm, relaxing environment with other grown-ups for a while, lol!

On an entirely different subject, for my fellow Whovians ("Doctor Who" fans):  One of the best lines EVER was spoken in last night's episode;  "Did you wish REALLY hard?"   Laughed so hard I almost cried.
Then DID start to cry when the Doctor said "I don't want you to!"
Neil Gaiman, who wrote that episode, is a freakin' GENIUS!!!!!!!!!

Anyway.  That's all the news for now.  Have a good night!


Leslie Goldman said...

Here's a sentence you don't hear all that often: 'I finished Pilates class, then went to synagogue." ;-)

azusmom said...


Geosomin said...

I loved the episode. Neil gaiman is one of my favourite to have him write an episode of one of my favourite shows was great :)
I do love that he calls her sexy :)

20 clean limericks...I am in awe.