Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mama Wants!!!!!!!

Ah, Spring!  When a young(ish) woman's fancy turns to...
Yes, I have a materialistic side.  Yes, I have seen a few things over the past few days that I want.  And yes, I'm thinking that once we move and can actually save a little money, I'm going to get some of them!
The first, and most important thing, is the inflatable 15x30 ft. (and 4 ft-deep) pool for the kids.  We NEED it for August, when the weather's hot, the kids are on vacation, and we no longer have access to the pool here.  I can't handle both kids at once at a crowded public pool, and I think WG would be too overwhelmed.

Second, an indoor swing.  It attaches to a door frame, doesn't cost much, and has 3 different swing attachments.  The kids' occupational therapist has one, and they both LOVE it!  It helps them to self-regulate, and it is awesome.

Finally, I have found the Holy Grail for Pilates: a home reformer that is compact, inexpensive, and not flimsy!!!!!  I first read about it in a review in a Pilates magazine (yes, they do exist, lol!) and they gave it a great review.  For a long time I have been thinking about someday owning a reformer and maybe even doing private trainings at home.  And maybe, just maybe, it will soon be time to do just that.

Other than that, our money will go toward rent, the kids' futures, and the occasional dinner out for Hubby and me.  Oh, and my classes, should I decide to continue after this Fall.
But it'll be SO NICE to NOT have to pour everything we make right back into the house.  To not live month-to-month.  To be able to have a savings account with actual savings in it, and the peace of mind that comes with all of it.

Anyway, that's it.  Now I can go back to my yoga, meditation, and veggie burger.  'Night!

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