Friday, May 20, 2011

Best Workout, Ever!!!!!

Last night I went for a walk/play with the Hubby and kiddos.  We walked to the playground, then ran, climbed, rode scooters, played chase, shot some hoops, and a whole bunch of other fun stuff for about an hour, then walked back home.  It was SOOOOOO FUN, and a great workout, to boot.
The kids are amazing: I keep thinking back to 5 years ago, when WG was 2 1/2 and still not walking very well.  Now she climbs to the top of the play structure and flings herself over to the opposite side.  And LG still has as much energy as ever, even when it's more focused (and it usually is, thank goodness, lol!)
This morning I'm actually quite sore!  I'm also thinking we need to do that more often.  It's so easy to fall into the routine of dinner, baths, TV/reading, then bed.  Now that the days are longer, we gotta get more playtime in!  It also means more family time, which is always good.

My in'laws live right next door to an elementary school.  So when we move, we'll have a big ol' playground to take them too.  There are also fields and empty play spaces, so maybe LG can learn to ride his bike.  I'm guessing that the 3 1/2 weeks of summer vacation will be filled with trips to the playground and (hopefully) lots of swimming.  They'll be tuckered out!
And so will Mommy.
'Cause one of the things about tiring out the kids; you tire yourself out, too.  But it's a GOOD tired.  We came home last night and everyone bathed/showered, and fell into bed happy and exhausted.
And we all slept like rocks!
I think I'm still on a high from it all.  Plus, I'm taking LG to see Hubby's show tonight: it's a series of  "Short plays written by short people," as it says on the flyer.  The plays are all written by elementary school students.  It's being performed at the DeYoung Museum in Golden Gate Park.  I'll drop WG  off with the grandparents, then LG and I will drive into the city, grab some grub, and see the show.
Um, that is, if Hubby can get us tickets.  Just found out that the show is sold out.  Which is pretty cool, except for the fact that we don't have tickets yet.  Maybe they can sneak us in.  We'll see.

Finally, I have been taking it pretty easy this week.  Except for Wednesday night and tomorrow morning, I haven't been working.  I've been sitting in bed with my Kindle, or taking the dog for walks, or going out for coffee, or watching "Doctor Who" reruns.  I've even snuck in a couple of naps!  'Cause after 6 weeks without a day off , all that drama the past couple of weeks, and the show last weekend, I think I've earned it, lol!

OK, I'm off.  I'll let you know how our night at the theahtuh goes!  (Assuming the world doesn't end before I can post.)

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