Wednesday, November 30, 2011


You don't know me.  I don't know you.  Our kids go to the same school.
Maybe you were just trying to be helpful.
Maybe you WEREN'T being judgmental when I told you that, no, we did not sell any cookie dough for the school fundraiser.  The fundraiser that, despite our non-participation, still managed to exceed its goal by $3,000.

So maybe it makes me a bad School Mom.  Maybe I don't have Puma Spirit.  But I'm certainly not sending my autistic 10 year-old out to sell cookie dough, and no one in our family can eat it.  His grandfather had a triple bypass last year, his aunt is pregnant and trying to keep herself and the baby as healthy as possible. His other grandmother lives 3,000 miles away.  I cannot sell cookie dough at the gym, to my Pilates clients, nor can my husband sell it at the hospital where he works.  Maybe we can make a donation to the school, we'll have to see where we are once the bills are paid.

And again, maybe you were just trying to be helpful and NOT trying to make me feel badly.  But I have to wonder why you didn't bring it up with any of the other (many) parents, parents of "typical" kids, who also weren't carting tubs of cookie dough around as they left the school.  Why did you zero in on me?

It's possible I'm blowing this out of proportion.  I do that.  Like, 1,000 times a day (and, yes, it IS exhausting).  You have no way of knowing that I take everything personally, or that I'm in the throes of a raging case of PMS, or that I'd had one of THOSE mornings.  You don't know about my 2 autistic kids, my 6 jobs, and my pending foreclosure. You have no way of knowing that selling cookie dough is WAAAAAAAAY down on the list of my priorities.


But, really, and with respect, please leave me alone.

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