Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Step Away From the Pizza

Not because its pure cheesy, greasy, carb-y goodness is too tempting.  Not because it's "bad."
I'm sitting here in front of a pizza I made for the kids.  Sure, I took a couple of bites, but then I had to turn away and focus on my turkey & veggies.  Not just because I'm trying to lose weight, but because I FINALLY understand the consequences.
Heartburn, reflux, and stomach cramps.
Not things I want to deal with tonight as I teach my Pilates class.  Or ever, if I can help it.
For the past year or so I'd come to believe that all those things were side-effects of my weight gain, getting older, and genetics (both of my parents have had pretty severe reflux).  But it's not any of the above. At least not entirely.
As you probably know, a big part of Intuitive Eating is finding out which foods your body wants, and learning to tell the difference between what the mind wants and what the BODY wants.  I may want to gobble up a bunch of pizza, but I know I'll pay for it later.  Big time.
It kinda feels like growing up, lol!

In other change-of-perspective news, I had coffee with some of the other moms in my son's class today.  The school is putting the kids in a different classroom, on the main campus (right now they're in a portable away from the main building). I was against it for a bunch of reasons I won't get into now, but talking with the other parents and the principal I've changed my mind.  And there are issues in the class itself which need to be addressed.  Which scares me, because my son has been in this class for over 3 years, and I consider everyone who works there to be friends.  They've done SO MUCH for my son, and I respect them a lot.  But these issues have to be resolved, for everyone's sake.
We're also going to form a support group.  Just a place where we can vent, listen, offer advice and sympathy.  Because we all feel overwhelmed, we're all in the same boat, and we all understand each other.  It'll be especially helpful during those times when we feel like we want to kill ourselves or someone else, lol!
But truthfully, it'll be good to have some structured support. And to offer some. To know that we're not alone.

Finally, I can't remember if I've already posted this, but I've decided to hold off on going back to school.  There's just way too much going on.  And I've been so busy this Fall that I've missed a lot of it.
So it's back to being Mom and a part-time Pilates teacher.  Everything else will just have to wait.

Until I'm a grownup.

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