Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How Can I Think With This Fog Permeating My Brain?!?!?!?!

I seem to get my Bad Cold this time of year.
And then conveniently forget, so by the time mid-April rolls around the following year, I'm surprised when I get sick.
I'm like that character Tom from "50 First Dates," who introduces himself to a group of people, only to forget and do it all over again.

Anyway, I have The Cold, and it stinks!!!!  I'm doping up on cold medicine and continuing to work and take care of the kids, and since I can't take time off, I'm gonna whine:

I'm tiredmybodyhurtsmyheadhurtsIkeepcoughingandsneezingIwantmymommyIwannagohooooooome!!!!!!!!

Oh.  Wait.  I am home.

But I have to teach tomorrow: the young 'uns and the not-quite-as young 'uns.  And I don't wanna!!!!!!!

OK.  Whining over.

I have to confess right now that I'm watching E! News coverage of the royal wedding..  In typical over-the-top, 21st-century fashion, they open the show with "SECURITY SCANDAL!  WILL KATE HAVE TO GUARD HERSELF ON HER WEDDING DAY?!?!?!?!"
One 18 year-old security guard has been fired because he called Kate a "posh b*tch" in a tweet.  Apparently he stood outside as Wills and Kate rode by and she didn't give him enough of a wave.
Boy, what a byotch! (Eye roll)
So, yeah, that kid's out of a job, and rightly so, IMHO.
Get over yourself, dude!!!!!!!

OK, enough royal stuff for one post.
And, no, I'm not going to watch it live, as it's on at 3 AM here.  I'm pretty sure it'll be repeated a few (thousand) times, so I'll get to see it. I need all the sleep I can get.
I'm sure Kate and Wills will find a way to go on without me.

In other news, since I still can't seem to post links on this blog, I am going to direct you to my new set of FAVORITE videos on YouTube.  Find time to head on over there and type in "Jersey Shore Gone Wilde." Two actors from the Broadway production of "The Importance of Being Earnest" act out transcripts from Jersey Shore in the style of Oscar Wilde.  There are 5 videos, and they are AWESOME!!!!!!!  Check it out, I promise you won't regret it.

OK.  Gonna go lie down and watch more mindless drivel.  There's a "Mob Wives" makeover coming up!!!!!

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