Saturday, June 12, 2010

Nothing More Than Feelings

That's from a song that was VERY popular in the 70's.  It was hokey, it was corny, and it was EVERYWHERE!  Even Jamie Somers, the bionic woman herself, sang it on an episode.

But that's not what this post is about. (BTW, if you don't know the song, consider yourself lucky, lol!)  What I want to write about are, well, feelings.  The ones I've been experiencing these past 2 weeks.
There. You've been warned.  Feel (hah!) free to stop reading now and click on over to the daily online crossword.
Still here?  Well, you are a brave soul, indeed!
I won't go into details about the circumstances surrounding these feelings (cough* WORK*cough), suffice to say that between crazy goings-on, mean people who won't let their "normal" kids play with my "weird" ones, PMS, and this whole feel-your-feelings-rather-than-suppressing-them-with-food stuff, I have been feeling A LOT.  Oh yes!  And it SERIOUSLY stinks!
But there's good news, too; I haven't been throwing down with the body hatred quite as much!  That's something, right?
Sure, I had a bit of a binge last night.  But I didn't vomit or try to exercise it away, or sign up for the latest online diet program.  Instead, I sat and was curious about it.  Why did I feel the need to keep eating, even after I was stuffed?  Did I REALLY want that food?  What DID I want?
And I woke up this morning feeling...fine.  [Until WG started melting down, but that's another story.  (She has another tooth growing in, and she REALLY doesn't like it!)] I went to work (different place than the crazy-making work) and had TWO clients!  On a Saturday morning!   I usually have ZERO!
Son I will take the kids to the pool.  Then we'll come home, eat spaghetti, and watch "Doctor Who."  maybe we'll go for a walk later, in our lovely downtown area.  By then, hopefully, they'll be tired enough to go to sleep, lol!
Tomorrow, after I teach a private session, I will have THE ENTIRE AFTERNOON TO MYSELF!!!!!!  Hubby and his dad are doing some landscaping, so the kids will hang out with their grandmother at her home while I...gosh, I don't know WHAT I'll do!!!!  Besides go to a book signing, which I'd already been planning.  Maybe I'll...take a nap?

In other news, completely unrelated, I have to take the dog in on Monday for an ultrasound.  Please keep a good thought?  I'm hoping it's something easily treatable.
Enjoy the weekend, everyone!


The Merry said...

Positive thoughts, fingers crossed, and lucky German Shepherd's paw rubbed... hope everything goes well and inexpensively at the vet's!

azusmom said...

Thanks! That is one BEE-YOOTIFUL dog you got there!