Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2nd Post Today!

I think I'm gonna keep posting.
So I've been sittin ghere thinking about things I'm tired of.  They include:

-Internet trolls (people who basically live to post mean comments on others' blogs.  I've been lucky in avoiding them thus far, but they're EVERYWHERE!)
-Subbing classes for everyone else while they go on vacation.  I want a vacation!!!!! A REAL vacation! One in which I actually get to do a little vacating, instead of ALWAYS taking care of the kids while everyone else goes off and does their thing, sleeps in, etc.
-Getting ripped a new one for not complying with (yet another) change in policy when I was never notified of said change to begin with.
-Mean, angry people.  If you wanna be angry, fine.  But don't take it out on me, or there WILL be consequences.
-Getting ripped a new one after trying to defend someone.
-CANCER!  (Our dog MAY have it in her bladder.  We're waiting for the lab results.)
-Being fat. 
-Being sad, angry, lonely, depressed, afraid, anxious.
-Being tired.
-Feeling as if I am not enough.
-Wondering what I have done "wrong."
-Feeling judged ALL THE TIME, and coming up short.
-Being taken for granted.
-All the Noise.

There's more, but I need to go for a walk.


Charlotte said...

I'm tired of many of those same things! Esp. #1. Sigh. Your last point reminds me of a student I used to teach. No matter what I said to him, his reply was always the same: "F*ck dat noise." I should have been bothered I'm sure but it amused me so much it became a punchline at my job.

azusmom said...

Yeah, that's pretty great! I don't think i could EVER teach high school (or middle school) regularly because I'd be cracking up at the most inappropriate times.
I'm thinking I may just have to stop reading comments at some blogs. (Not yours though, you have all the cool readers,lol!)