Tuesday, May 19, 2009


OK, I know it's still officially spring, and in some areas of the country (like my former hometown of Boston-hey guys!) it's 40 degrees (hee-hee!), but the pool here is open, it was crazy-hot over the weekend, and grills all over the bay Area were fired up! (Mmmmm...Amy's Texas-style veggie burgers on the grill=a little slice o' heaven!)
As kids, of course, I'm sure we all looked forward to summer because it meant no school. As parents, we all dread it for the very same reason! My kids actually have 4 weeks of summer school, which is awfully nice. (And they actually enjoy it.) It leaves us with 6 weeks of summer vacay, looking desperately for things that will keep them interested, occupied, and ideally makes them tired. 2 years ago we took the kids to Hawaii for 2 weeks, but finances prohibit that this year. I also found a day camp specifically for kids with special needs. But it's $600 a week, so that ain't gonna happen, either.
We do have memberships to places like the California Academy of Sciences (which is AWESOME, and both kids love) and the Exploratorium (also awesome, LG loves it, WG HATES it; cries every time we go). There is also the fact that we live near San francisco, which has lots of great stuff for families that don't involve huge entrance fees or large crowds. And, of course, we have The Pool. Thank goodness for the pool!!!!! I don't know what we'd do without it! I'm also hoping that the in-laws will have some free-hotel-room-in-Tahoe stuff going on in August. My mother is coming out to visit and she's never been to Tahoe. Plus, the kids love it, and it's only a 4-hour drive.
I'll just say this: summer in San Francisco is a whole heck of a lot better than summer in L.A! (Of course, EVERYTHING is a whole heck of a lot better in S.F. than in L.A. IMHO.)
So. What are your summer plans? Going away? Staying home to save money? Day trips? Let me know!


Charlotte said...

Oh the mommy guilt! I have not yet arranged any summer plans for my offspring. The very thought of summer "vacation" makes me need a nap. I seriously don't know why more districts don't move to year round formats. it would be better for everyone involved!

azusmom said...

Seriously!!!!! There could be,like a 2-week break, for people who want to go away for a bit, and then bring the kids back to school. The teachers could get paid year-round, too, which would be nice!