Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Definitely Hormones. Oh, and Stupid People.

My suicidal, full-of-despair, no-hope-for-humanity thoughts definitely come out to play when I have PMS. In fact, I'm thinking of writing a modern day fairy tale: "Blood Red and the 7 Premenstrual Dwarves;  Crampy, Pimply, Bitchy, Weepy, Angsty, Needy, and Homicidal."

Yesterday was a weird day. Nor only was it Monday, but the national news was full of stuff that made many of us want to bash our, or, actually, others', heads against a brick wall. (It also illuminated the fact that a lot of people on Facebook are, quite frankly, stupid.  And act like spoiled, petulant 9 year-olds well into their 50's. And have no compunction referring to a woman as a c*nt simply because she disagrees with them.
Ah, social media!  Bringing the world together!)

However, I also got an offer to sub an acting class on Wednesday night.  As in, THIS Wednesday.  As in, TOMORROW!!!!!!!  But my friend who teaches it gave me the lesson plan, so it's all mapped out.  And it's for grown-ups!  At an actual, professional theater!  So no babysitting!!!!!!!!
I'm very excited and EXTREMELY nervous!  I haven't taught a class like this in nearly 15 years!  And that was BC (Before Children), back when my brain actually functioned.

But between my notes and my gift of bluffing, I think I MAY just get through it.
Please G-d!

Had mt WW meeting this morning.  Up .8 of a pound, thanks to the aforementioned PMS.  Hopefully down again next week.  Seriously, one more pound and I'll have reached my first milestone of losing 5% body fat.  I get a charm for my keychain!
2 more pounds and I'll be at the -10 pounds mark.  Nearly halfway to my goal.

The nice thing is that I can feel it.  My nice-n-snug pants are a lot looser.  And the other day I happened to catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror at the yoga studio as I walked in and didn't realize it was me (the mirrors were mostly covered...long story).  Had a fleeting thought of "I kinda wanna look like HER."  Except "HER" was ME!
:) :) :) :) :)

So I'm definitely getting there.

One of the great things about the meetings, is that they are COMPLETELY non-judgmental.  It's the exact opposite of what I was expecting.  During my weight-in, before I even mentioned the PMS, they were so blase about the gain.  Because they gain a bit of weight too, here and there.  And then they lose it again.  Our leader made it a point to mention that, which I thought was cool.  I can also go to as many meetings as I like (Only one weigh-in per week, however).  It's a very safe, welcoming, warm environment, and everyone is not only friendly and lovely, they're FUNNY!  I really look forward to the meetings.
Which, again, is not at all what I expected when I joined.

And now...Confession Time:  I brought the kids to the pool today, and turned into That Mom.  Judgey McJudgerson.  The one who sits in silent-yet-smug superiority and thinks "I'm SO glad MY kids aren't like THAT!"
Yes, folks; I became what I most fear.

But honestly, those kids were OBNOXIOUS!  And spoiled!  And the adults responsible for them did NOTHING!

So, yes, dammit, I AM glad my kids aren't like that! In this case, it has nothing to do with autism or any kind of special needs, it's just, IMHO, no consequences for bad behavior.
And that's just wrong.

So I will sit here and be not-so-quietly judgmental.  Of those parents, and of stupid people who spout what they hear on TV as their own opinions and don't bother to do any research, then act like spoiled children when anyone questions them.

So there.


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