Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Days Go By

(One of my favorite Keith Urban songs. My family and I are actually in the video.  If you look in the back of the crowd, we're there somewhere...)

So, another week, and no posts.  But Spring Break is over, as of yesterday, and I have a bit of time now.

On the health front (Warning: Talking About Birth Control!) I may need to have my IUD removed a year early.  It may have been displaced, and I'm having pain.  Gotta go get an ultrasound tomorrow and see exactly what's going on.  And since I can't take hormones, we'll have to figure something else out.
Ah, well.

I'm also working with an online group for peri- and menopausal women.  Tracking food, exercise and sleep to see how we can help ourselves feel better.  I'm using a site called MyFitnessPal to track nutrition, and it's pretty cool.
And free, which is nice.
And I haven't had a stomachache since I started.
Which is REALLY nice!

Last night I used Hubby's 15-lb weights to do my workout, rather than my somewhat-wussy 8-pounders.
So I think I'm going to stick with the heavier ones 2x a week, with one lower weight/higher rep workout per week, like Slim in 6 or Barre. 'Cause I like those, too.

I'm walking a lot, which is great for my sanity.  :)  And I did hot yoga on Sunday for the first time in a while.  I always forget how challenging it is, and how sleepy it makes me, lol!

Also been doing some writing.  Haven't touched my play (wrist slap), but just jotting down things that come into my overactive imagination.

Last Friday we took the kids to the Chabot Space and Science Center, and MAN did they enjoy it!  It's a fantastic place, and both kids were REALLY into it!
When I was a kid, the Museum of Science in Boston was my absolute favorite place to go, and I'm glad the tradition continues.  :)  It's such an amazing thing to see new worlds open up for your kids.  LG especially like Bill Nye's Climate lab.
It's also nice to see people looking forward and working on progress.
Oh, and I tried the lunar landing simulator.  Let's just say it's probably a good thing I never pursued my childhood dream of being an astronaut...
Every Friday and Saturday night they open the observatory to the public, weather permitting.  There are 3 telescopes, and I'm itching to get a look.  We were going to go last weekend, but the clouds rolled in, and it wasn't open.

But they have footage of Earth as seen from the International Space Station.
Is it weird that it made me cry?
Just goes to show that the little girl who looked into a telescope, saw Saturn, and fell in love with space is still very much alive inside this nearly 45 year-old.

Anyway, gotta run.  I have a Groupon for a haircut at a chi-chi salon I can't otherwise afford.  So we'll see how it goes.

And I have to move the rocking chair so the dog can sit in his sunny patch.

Not that he's spoiled or anything...

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