Monday, April 7, 2014

Keeping Oneself Accountable

I'm going to try and post more frequently here.  Because it will help with all sorts of things, including just being in the habit of writing more frequently.  I've finally convinced myself that not every post has to be...y'know...GOOD.  Or long, or even all that interesting.  As my friend said (and I quote ad nauseum), sometimes "done" is better than "good."

Which is also why I'm going to*gulp* start submitting short stories to publishers.

There I said it.
I actually have to DO it now!

But why not, right?  There are tons of genre publishers these days, especially online.  I'm not writing the next Great Novel, just things that interest me and, I'm guessing, just might strike a chord with others, as well.  And lord knows I have read some CRAP in my day; badly written, derivative hogwash that managed to find a publisher and a market.
So there's hope for me, lol!

So, there we are.  I've put it put there.  I'm gonna do it.

Now, I must go take a nice, calming yoga class.


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