Monday, May 5, 2014

Share and Share Alike

Yeah, so, I got the cold that started with my niece and worked its way through the entire house.  One by one.  Hubby now has it, during his busiest week yet this year (of course!), so I'm plying him with Umcka drops, cold medicine, and fluids.  And homemade soup.
My problem wasn't so much the cold, but the cough that came with it.  I'm STILL coughing, even though, otherwise, I feel fine.  It's tiring, painful, and occurs at the least opportune moments.  Like when I'm getting my purchases rung up at the grocery store.  I'm also PMS-ing.  And it's Monday.  And yesterday would've been my dad's 76th birthday.
So, at the moment, I kind of feel like crawling under the covers and not coming out for 2 weeks.  Which would be a tiny bit of a disaster, of course.  AND, I'd smell REALLY badly!

But there are lots of good things going on!  I've been writing a short story that, IMHO, is quite good.  Hubby likes it, too.  It's funny, and it's smart, and it's geared toward a very specific audience (Fantasy/SF Erotica.  Oh, yes!  I have gone to the Dark Side, and there are, indeed, cookies!)  Plus, it's the first of a series.
At least, I hope it is.
I'm hoping to get it published online, to begin.  But I kinda need to finish writing it first.  And adding in the erotic element has, for whatever reason, loosened up my brain.  (Not THAT way, geez!)  I think it's the specificity of the genre.  Having to be THAT specific has, ironically, opened the creative floodgates.

With the added bonus that now everything sounds like a naughty pun.  :)

I think, also, I have found the photographer to take my new headshots, so that I can start auditioning again.  She's up near wine country, but it'll be worth it to have photos that look like me, but also, y'know, good. Plus, I'd get to spend the day in wine country!  Score!
I was going to wait until I lost more weight (Hee!  Another almost-pun!) but, well, it seems to be taking a long time, and I don't want to put it off much longer.

So that's the news.  Gonna go work out with my new Fit Bit gadget thingy.

Take care.

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Geosomin said...

Very curious to read your story! :)