Tuesday, May 20, 2014

More Reminders, and Other Stuff

(Note to self: Work on blog titles.)

Saturday was Ride A Wave.  It was our 5th time, and WG is now an old pro.  By the time we got to downtown Santa Cruz (and drove around looking for parking), she had a BIG smile on her face and was literally bouncing in her seat.  She knew exactly where we were and why we we there (wow, that is a difficult sentence to say!  Glad I'm writing it, instead).  She practically ran to the registration table, and couldn't contain herself.  It was so cute!
She had a AMAZING buddy this year.  They're always great, but this year's was particularly good.  The two of them got on like gangbusters.

But the best part was that, finally, LG took part as well.  A couple of years ago we'd tried to get him  involved, but he wouldn't put on the wetsuit.  I guess after 4 years of watching his sister have all the fun, he finally said "The heck with it" and wanted in, lol!  He did it all:  boogie boarding, surfing, and kayaking.  And he did great!  They both had such an amazing time, and the RAW folks told me that next year I should just go ahead and sign both of them up, even though it's technically for her school.  And these are all volunteers!  They don't get paid for ANY of it!

It's such an amazing day, and it really is like Christmas for the kids.  There was one boy being carried into the water for his surfing session: He was older, probably about 16, and unable to walk or speak.  But the smile on his face as they carried him to his surfboard spoke volumes.

There are such good people in the world.

We've decided we're going to get wetsuits for all of us.  We've been thinking about it for a long time, and after Saturday, we're going to go for it.  That way we we can all swim in the ocean together, or in Tanaya Lake in Yosemite (which is freezing) or Tahoe (also frigid).  The ocean is SO good for their systems!  It's great having access to a pool (for the time being, anyway), but there's nothing quite like being in the ocean.  Especially to calm their little proprioceptive systems.
(And, having grown up on the ocean myself, I must say I miss it terribly.)

On Sunday Hubby and I went to see a show called "The Suit."  It was only 75 minutes, and it was amazing!  It's touring, so if You get a chance, definitely see it.  It's incredibly moving, and there's beautiful music in it. It's set in a South African township in the 1950's, but is also a very personal story.
Bring tissues.
I didn't, and I regretted it.  :)

I'm also back on board with tapping and EFT, which I'd let slide a bit over the past few weeks.  It really is helpful, and I really need to remember to do it.  Especially when I'm feeling anxious, or I'm awake at 4 AM.  It works!  I'm already feeling the difference, and it's only been a couple of days.

Finally, I had a reminder this morning that the scenarios I have in my head regarding certain situations are often *cough* USUALLY*cough* FAR from reality.  I need to remember what an active imagination I have. It can be a great thing, but sometimes it takes me on flights of fancy that get me all twisted in knots and feeling badly and it could ALL be avoided if I just SPEAK UP!
Which I did this AM.  Told Hubby I was feeling anxious about the fact that I'm not currently making any money.  And found out that I'd gotten his reaction all wrong in my head.
Which was a huge relief.

He reacted with kindness and concern, not judgment.
Sometimes reality is SO MUCH BETTER than fiction.


Although I still want to hitch a ride in the TARDIS.

Preferably with the current incarnation of The Doctor.

And help John and Sherlock solve a case.

But, hey, that's what fanfic is for, right?  I mean, aside from creating pornographic versions of your favorite stories...
Which I'll leave to others.
It's one thing to create characters out of thin air and write erotica about them. It's another thing entirely to have actor's faces in my head while I do so.

And I'm not judging AT ALL.
It's just not something I can do.

Anyway...speaking of stories, I have a bit more of the one I've been working on, and will continue to write it.  I'm also applying for the teaching pool at Berkeley. It's one of those things where, if they need a teacher for any reason, they have a bunch of resumes on file they can look through.
Because you never know.
And, hey!  Berkeley!
If I end up there, I can hang out in trees & smoke pot for my "glaucoma"!
And, y'know, teach a class now and then.
For students who actually WANT to be there, whom I don't have to babysit.
What a concept!

OK, gotta get LG to school and grab me some java.
Have a good one!


Geosomin said...

Berkley :)

I loved my upper level and grad classes. They were taught by people who enjoyed what they did on topics I was interested in...

Ride a Wave sounds like an amazing program. :)

azusmom said...

It really is. With incredible people. :)