Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy 2013!

Here's hoping this year is better than last.  2012 was rough.  There were good points, don't get me wrong, but between having to give up our home, losing our pup, economic issues, etc., it wasn't exactly a BANNER year.  Granted, there are many who have it A LOT worse than we do, and we are incredibly lucky in so many ways.  But here's hoping things improve for EVERYONE.
I can dream, can't I? :)

We got home yesterday afternoon from our Yosemite trip. It was sooooooo much fun!  Other than having a tire blow out on the freeway on our way home.  I was driving in the dark the night before and hit a big ol' pothole, which probably punctured the tire and caused a slow leak.  Then we added all our stuff, then ourselves, and then it was just too much for the poor tire. Luckily we were less than an hour from home and have  roadside assistance, so 2 lovely gentlemen showed up in a very timely manner to change the tire.
So right now the spare tire is on.  I'll go in on Thursday to get a new tire and have them check out the car, make sure everything's OK.

But the trip was great.  The kids went sledding and ice skating, and there was a little playground at the hotel. We had a nice room (at a VERY nice rate!), and the kids enjoyed it all.  It was so good to get away for a couple of days, get the kids outside & playing in the snow.  And, oh yes, to re-watch "Pride & Prejudice" (the Colin Firth version) on DirecTV in the hotel room.

Today I went to yoga, then came home so Hubby could go climb with his buddies. I'm not big on New Year's resolutions, but it seemed like a good way to kick of 2013.  I'm also coming to realize the difference between dumping all over oneself and gently taking a good hard look inside, noticing the less-than-savory aspects, and working on changing them.

Hubby and I also noticed that the kids seemed to feel very secure in the hotel room.  We talked about it, and we believe it's because, while not teeny-tiny, it was a contained space.  The house we're in right now is pretty big: 3 floors, 5 bedrooms,4 bathrooms.  Of course, there are 9 people (and 1 large, hyper dog) living here at the moment, so the space comes in handy.  But WG sleeps a floor below us and keeping track of both of them can be tricky. Plus, we both honestly believe that when the kids know exactly where we are, it makes them feel more comfortable.  Not that we're going to be drone parents (like helicopter parents, but worse), but giving them that sense of security IS important. And, of course, our knowing where they are and what they're up to can be important. Especially when they start Climbing On Things, or going into rooms THEY ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE IN!!!!!!!!!
I know the dream is supposed to be to settle into a nice house, and "nice" often means "big."  But we've lived in 2 houses and a townhouse on our own, and now share this house.  Maybe the way to go, if we are ever able to do so, is to get a single-level home or even a condo. Maybe all that space isn't necessary.  Maybe, just maybe, closer quarters will bring us closer together.

Or, y'know, result in a multiple murder/suicide.

We have dear friends who are quite well-off, financially.  Yet they live, with their 2 kids, in the same apartment they've had for about 15 years, since before the kids were born.  It's a beautiful place, with hardwood floors, in a great neighborhood.  They don't own a TV, and they spend a lot of time together.  And they're one of the most well-adjusted families you could ever meet!

If the past year has taught me anything, it's that my priorities are still a bit skewed. We don't need a ton of Stuff.  We don't need a McMansion (although I never wanted one of those: they must be a bitch to clean!).  Happiness isn't always what we think it'll be.  I will never be perfect at my job, but neither does that mean I suck at it.  There will always be things to learn and room for improvement.
If I want to stay happy, it is up to me. The fact is, I am QUITE happy and content right now.  No, it's not an ideal situation, but what is?  And even if a situation feels ideal, how long does the feeling last?

OK, one final note: Since I STILL cannot post links on my blog (that's on my list of Things To Learn How To Do this year), I am going to direct you to a post on Tumblr by the magnificent Louise Brealey: Actor, journalist, writer, feminist, and all-around person-I'd-like-to-be-if-I-ever-grow-up, even though she's, like, 20 years younger than I am.  It's called On Yellow Paper, and the post is "What Molly Did Next:."  (She plays Molly on "Sherlock.")  She recently played 3 roles in an updated version of "Trojan Women," including Helen, and had to strip nude.  It's a GREAT article!!!!!!!

OK.  I'm out.  Happy New Year, lovelies!

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Geosomin said...

Happy new year to you too!

I hear ya about the "stuff". After going through our house a bit I've come to realise how much "stuff" we have that we really don't need...and am trying to, over the next year, do some more purging. Also a more careful selection of what comes into our home. We don't have the perfect house and sometimes I get angry that my friends have nicer, better things, but in the doesn't matter. We live pretty well all things considered, and I am very grateful for my life. :)