Monday, January 28, 2013

All That Spazz

Do not know WHAT has gotten into my kids today, but they are seriously spazzy!  WG was grumpy all morning at school.  She finally cheered up in the afternoon (they had music today, which helped a lot.)  LG was fine until I dropped him off, then he started yelling and crying.  But was OK for the rest of the day.
Earlier this evening I found WG standing in the second-highest drawer of her bureau, then later on top of the ironing board. That was a good 5 years off of my life expectancy.  LG, meanwhile, was bouncing on his exercise ball and almost went literally through the roof. Oh, and he stole his cousin's booties to put on Elmo.
Later, when I tried to put WG to bed, she sprang right back up & started jumping.  Then wanted me to chase her.

This is NOT typical behavior for them! (OK, the bouncing, for him, is. But it was particularly ...effervescent... tonight.)

Meanwhile, I got to go get my annual exam today.
You know.
THAT exam.
But it was quick and mostly painless.  Next I need a mammogram, followed by a physical, then my annual skin exam.

It sucks getting older, sometimes.

The nice part is that the doctor's office is in the downtown area of a nearby (small) city.  So I got to walk around, have some coffee, do a bit of grocery shopping.

I ran a whole bunch of errands before I had to pick the kids up, so it was a productive day.  A little Bollywood workout, and I'm ready to wind down.

If my kids ever get to sleep, that is.


WG did, indeed, get to sleep.
LG fell asleep at his normal time.

At 3 AM, I heard the unmistakable sounds of WG's toy guitar, however.  Went downstairs & she was sitting up in bed, light on, surrounded by toys. I took the toys away, turned off the light, and lay next to her until she fell asleep again (took about an hour).  Went back upstairs and, lo and behold, within 5 minutes she was wide awake, light back on, OUT OF her bed.  Same thing.  Fell asleep next to her, though.  Slept for 1 hour until it was time to wake her up & get her ready for school.
She was a little grouchy.

And so am I. Fortunately, I'm also off (work).

Gonna try and nap, then go to yoga.

Tonight I may have to go to bed at 7.

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Geosomin said...

sounds exhausting!
I'd say maybe spring is here early, but it's waaaaay too early. :)