Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bring On Da Loot!

Happy Boxing Day!  And for those who celebrate, Happy Kwanza!
We had a lovely holiday.  On Monday I was able to get to a yoga class in the morning.  The sun was out, so we took the kids to the city to play at the beach and take turns riding a bike.  It's my S-I-L's old bike, so they're learning to use hand breaks.  LG picked it up right away, WG is getting more and more confident, and they both had a great time.
We were hoping to get to the park for more bike riding Tuesday morning, but the weather was atrocious.  So we stayed in, watched the "Doctor Who" marathon, and gave the kids bubble baths.  In the evening we had dinner & opened presents.
And, of course, watched the "Doctor Who" Christmas special.  ;).

Today Hubby went back to work, so I'm trying to figure out what to do with the kids.  The weather is odd; sunny one minute and pouring rain the next.  We're going swimming later :):):):). but in the meantime we may need to go for a drive or something, just to get out of the house.
It's particularly hard on WG:  LG can find tons of ways to amuse himself, but WG gets upset when her schedule is disrupted.  Luckily, her school is hosting swimming parties today and tomorrow, so there's that. And we play and sing and tickle.  But it's still hard. And sometimes, like right now, LG gets upset, too. It's 10:20 AM, and we've had a meltdown from each of them.
*Sigh.*  Poor babies.  It's fun to be a kid, yes, but sometimes it's really hard, too.
I'm hoping to find day camps for them next summer.  Especially for LG, since he has SO MUCH time off in the summer. But it'll be good for WG too, even if it's only a couple of weeks. (And it'll be GREAT for Mommy, lol!)

In holiday gift news, I got a Kindle Fire!   I'm so excited!  But I've been using it in the box it came in, as I haven't yet received the protective case.  It's REALLY nice!  I have to hide it away from the kids.  I also got a 10-pack of yoga classes (cue heavenly orchestral music), so Mommy is one happy camper!
As far as gifts given, they consisted mainly of gift cards, with some bottles of wine thrown into the mix.  Although we did finally get my mom a San Francisco coffee mug from Starbucks, which she's been asking for for about, oh, 12 years.
What I like is that Christmas is pretty mellow around these parts. Well, except for the idiots who set off firecrackers at Midnight on Tuesday, freaked out the poor dog and nearly woke the kids.
Poor pup: His mom & dad were in Sacramento, so he was sleeping in our room.  Add the firecrackers, and he needed A LOT of cuddles & coos.  I'd like to introduce him to everyone who's afraid of pit bulls.  They'd get over their fear in no time!  :)
I awoke Christmas morning not to the sight of eager young faces wanting to race downstairs and open presents: No, the kids were still sleeping; instead, I awoke to a pit-bull face staring me down, wanting ear rubs.  And then, about 30 minutes later, wanting to be let out to do his business.
Yeah, not exactly a killer dog, lol!

Anyway, right now the kids are pretty mellow, playing happily in their rooms.  I may leave them be for a bit, then take them out when they start getting antsy.  School vacation is often lived minute-by minute, I find.

This Saturday I teach my last regular Pilates class (!!!!!!!), then we're leaving for Yosemite.  There's a hotel just outside the park that has dirt-cheap rates this time of year.  It's the same place we stayed last February, when we were able to skate on Tenaya Lake.  No such luck this time; the roads are iced over and closed.  Of course, we knew last time that it was a rare opportunity. But it'll be nice to get away fro a couple of days before the new year, do some sledding & hiking. Get them out of the house, away form the everyday, and into nature.
And sleep in a hotel rather than a tent.  :)
I love camping, but it's such an uncontrolled environment.  Last time we went LG wandered off to go to the bathroom at night without telling us.  Took a few years off both my and Hubby's lifespan, I'll tell ya!  But he came back as soon as he heard us calling.  My fear is that WG might do the same, but not be able to get right back to us.  At least in a hotel room we can put the lock and bolt on the door.

Wg is a smart, tough cookie.  But she's also non-verbal, and her autism is a bit more severe than her brother's.  I worry incessantly about both of them, but especially her.
It's a fine line between wanting to give them independence and adventure and keeping them safe.
Such is the life of a parent.  Doubly so for parents of kids with special needs.
But we soldier on, and are thankful for every night in which we're able to tuck them in and kiss them goodnight.

So, once again, I hope you all had a great holiday.
And if I don't blog before then, have a very Happy New Year!

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Geosomin said...

Happy new year! :)

My Dad decided to sit down to watch the Doctor Who christmas special with us and was utterly confused :) (he doesn't really watch TV). I loved it.