Saturday, December 8, 2012

I'll Get You, My Little Pretty

Seriously, it was so windy out all night I thought I'd open the front door this morning to a yellow brick road and a gal in a big pink dress waving a wand at my feet. Instead, we had some knocked-over plants and a deluge of rain.
But a few hours later it was sunny and bright, with that clean feeling you get after a rainstorm, like everything dirty and yucky has been washed away.

On Thursday I did my first Dailey Method class.  Holy cow!!!!!  The pain! The burn!  The feeling of "Why in HELL did I sign up for 3 sessions of this absolute torture!"  Of course, as soon as it was over I was all "That was great, I can't wait to come back!"
It's sorta like childbirth: Painful, torturous, horrible, but worth it in the end.  And then you forget just HOW painful it was and come back for more.
Later, I hopped on the Spin bike for 30 minutes.  Needless to say, I had a bit of a hard time walking on Friday.
I'm planning on going back Tuesday.  Just to shake things up a bit.  This is our final week of Midnight Shakespeare, so getting out and exercising will be, I think, a necessity in order for me to stay (relatively) sane.
I've also signed up for a Power Yoga workshop with Bryan Kest next Saturday!!!!!!!  His were the first power yoga workouts I ever did, back in the 90's (on VHS), and I loved them.  I often thought about taking a class at his studio in Santa Monica, but never did.  So when I heard he was going to be in town, I jumped at the chance.  It's a 3-hour workshop, and I have a Pilates class that morning, so I'm a little nervous, but also excited.
Although there's one little nagging detail:  I'm feeling self-conscious about taking the workshop While Being Fat.  Silly, I know.  But that was also one of the things, I believe, that kept me from taking his classes when we lived in L.A: I'd been to other popular yoga studios and was intimidated by all the other young, bendy, svelte, coordinated-yoga-outfit-wearing students.  Even though, at that time I myself was young, svelte, and fairly bendy, I wasn't as young, svelte, and bendy as everyone else.  And I certainly didn't have the cool outfits.  It was like high school all over again, and I let myself feel inferior.  Of course, ALL of L.A is like high school.  I can't help but wonder, if I ever HAD gone to one of his classes, would I have felt badly, or would I have been able to hear his message of non-competition, being in my own body, and not giving a fig about anyone or anything else during the time on the mat, which is MY time?
That's what I'm hoping will happen on Saturday.

Because one of the things I love most about yoga is feeling myself move.  It's very freeing! And the fact is, everyone else IS more concerned about their own form to be focused on me. We're no longer in L.A., where everyone is so insecure they need to show off during yoga! We're in San Francisco, where folks proudly display round bellies, gray hair, and snaggle toes!  Hopefully some of them will be there on Saturday.  :)

I'm very much looking forward to this week being over.  I hate to say it, and I hate to wish time away.  I'll miss our Shakespeare kids, but I will NOT miss driving to southern San Jose 2-3 times a week!

The good thing is I feel like I'm getting my Drama Teacher Groove back.  The classes I taught last year were more like babysitting, and the one I taught the year before was more of an assistant job.  I can feel my confidence coming back, little by little.

Anyway, gotta run.  Laters!

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