Sunday, March 4, 2012

Freaking Out

My first reaction to any challenging situation.  Not sure why I'm surprised at myself right now. It's past my bedtime (nearly 11 PM, lol!), WG has awoken, and Hubby and I are trying to figure out the car situation.  It looks like if we want anything decent, we're gonna spend at least $16,000.  Without a trade-in, that's gonna hurt.  In the meantime, the in-laws, whose car we're currently using, return from Hawaii on Tuesday, and thus begins the shuffle of who-gets-the-car-when.  Because they're being very generous about letting us continue to use it, but do need it themselves once in a while.
On the opposite coast, my mom is getting ready to, basically, give us the money to buy the car outright.  She'll take out a loan, and we'll pay her back. Which, again, is incredibly generous.  And her credit, at the moment, is far better than ours.
It wouldn't be as much of an issue if we didn't have kids.  But they need to be dropped off and picked up, and then there's the matter of my jobs.  Currently I work at 3 different places, and public transportation can't get me from home to work in 30 minutes.  Which is what I need, as Hubby generally gets home 30 minutes before my classes start.
But, as always, we will figure it out.  All will be well. And, hey, possibly a brand-new car!  How cool is THAT?

In other, less anxiety-producing news, I took the kids to the pool today.  Hubby was at a rehearsal, and it was quite warm.  The pool wasn't heated, but the hot tub, um, was.  So I figured the kids could play in that for a while.  Little did I know my little fish would turn out to be polar bears: WG jumped right in, literally-LITERALLY-laughing at the ice-cold water!  It took LG a bit longer, but he ended up playing as if the pool were heated to 80 degrees.  I even took a dunk.  And popped right back out, running straight for the hot tub.
My children are ashamed of me.
Of course, that's probably something I should start getting used to...
We stayed for 2 hours (!!!!), then came home for baths and pizza.  It was nice, as I wasn't expecting to be able to use the pool again before we move.
I'm gonna miss that pool!

Later I watched "Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall:  The 25th Anniversary" on PBS.  And while I don't love "Phantom" as much as "Les Miz," it was very nice.  Ramin Karimloo, who played The Phantom (and Enjolras in the "Les Miz" anniversary, among many others) is supremely talented.  At the end of the show, after all the performances and speeches and bows, he picked up his co-star and carried her off stage.  Pretty cute!  And he's Canadian.  There's something about (aboot?) Canadians.  Seriously, some of my dearest friends are Canadian.  I often wonder if we should pack up and move to Vancouver. Is there a pressing need for Pilates instructors up there?

(The actor who played Raoul looked familiar.  It was kinda driving me nuts.  Turns out he was in an episode of "Doctor Who" back in '05.)

Anyway.  The weekend, as usual, went by way too quickly. Tomorrow we start another week of school/work/life as usual.  So I'd better get to bed.

'Night, all!

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Geosomin said...

I'm glad things are coming together with the car situation...that is really tricky. I know if they changed the bus routes up I'd really be screwed for getting around...I think it's amazing your family is helping you out so much :)

I went through a serious obsession with Phantom in university...I loved the story behind it. I've even managed to get J to come to it (he does not share my love of musicals) and he really enjoyed it. I enjoyed Les Mis as well, but for different reasons - I like the overall performance and music of it better if I'm honest about it, but I have a special spot for Phantom still.
So spooky and tragic...when we were in Paris we got to go to the operahouse...I was beside myself :). I kept hoping I'd hear a voice singing from below...