Monday, January 23, 2012

Le Sigh

So the 49ers won't be at the Superbowl this year.
But the Pats WILL, so that's good!
I don't follow football regularly, but I hope the Pats kick Giant patootie!!!!!!!

LG was home sick on Thursday & Friday, and it looks like WG is getting his cold. Who says kids don't share?

The workouts are going well.  The Tabata/HIIT drills suck, but they're over quickly.  They're not as intense as they might be for some, but they're killing me, lol!
I'm combining those with my Slim in 6 workouts, along with yoga and,of course, my Pilates classes. And this past week I subbed a class called "Pilates Beam."  It's a little padded balance beam-like object that you stand and lie on to do the exercises.  It forces your core to work harder, since you have to balance.  I taught it in the evening at Crunch, and it was really fun! Being there at that time reminded me of my younger days, when I went to the gym in the evening with all the other 20-somethings, the music was loud, and people checked each other out A LOT.  OK, so I wasn't always crazy about that last bit, but it was a nice change of pace.

The veg diet is going well.  I have a bit more energy and less brain fog, so that's nice. :)  It's also forcing me to be a bit more creative with my meal preparation.  I don't always want to eat a block of tofu and a salad, after all.  Also getting fewer headaches, stomach aches, and reflux.

I'm also doing a bit more creative stuff. Writing (for fun), getting ready to audition for an improv company, and I just found out the Shakespeare company I used to work with will be in town for a weekend training and I'm hoping to be able to volunteer at it. There also seem to be a few more teaching jobs available, as the economy creeps back up.
I've been hearing for some time now that if you open yourself up to possibilities, they will appear.  Could that be what's happening?  Maybe, since I'm no longer taking jobs because I feel I HAVE to for the money, the job I WANT will show up? That'd be great!

Not that it would stop me from bi*#*ing about it, lol!

Anyway, it's now Monday and WG is home from school.  She probably could have gone, but just to be on the safe side we kept her home today.
Which means I GET HER ALL TO MYSELF FOR 6 HOURS, YAY!!!!!!!!!!!
I hate when the kids are sick, but I LOVE it when they're feeling better and we can hang out, one-on-one.  There's so little time for that, usually.Tomorrow they'll both be back in school and life will go back to it's regular schedule.

All in all, I feel like a part of me that's been sleeping is waking up.  The creative part, perhaps.  It's good, it needed a nice long nap.  Poor thing was tired, overworked, under-appreciated, and wanted a vacation.  Well, it's been 9 years, and it's back: tanned, rested, and ready to go!


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Geosomin said...

I'm glad the veggie diet is helping. It's odd how much diet can affect your energy level. A friend of mine has cut out meat, processed sugar and gluten and she is like an entirely different person. I'm glad it is working for you. :)